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In this assignment I have been told to write about four business purposes which are public, charity, private (large) and private (small).
Public Sector
Bradford College is the second largest college in the UK, which offers a variety of courses for every student. It offers further and higher education to the students for example: if a student has failed their GCSE’s then they can apply to the college to restart their GCSE’s which will give them a higher grade.
Bradford College provides a service to the students offering them a variety of courses which they will need to study that will gain them a place in the university or employments.
The purpose of this business is to provide education to students who want to study. It depends on the student’s grades and what they want to be, to be able to get a place in the college. Another purpose is to serve the community.
The college can make profit from students who are not on benefits and their income is high, but the offers free and paid education to the students depending on their income and benefits.
Charity Sector
The British Heart Foundation is a charity; it raises awareness and aims to prevent heart disease in humans. It is the UK’s number one heart charity. The British Heart Foundation is a way to find the causes of heart disease and diagnoses. It also finds different treatments and lots of different ways to prevent heart disease.
The British Heart Foundation sells a variety of second hand things such as clothes, shoes and household goods. They sell products; they also sell furniture and electrical products such as TV, fridge and washing machine.
The purpose of this business is to sell good which used to belong to someone else, so after donating the goods. The British Heart Foundation makes them look new and sells the products with a good low price, so that they can make profit out of it. They also have a bucket which people could put money in it that goes to the charity. The money raised from good is sent to the suffers of heart disease.
The price charge of British Heart Foundation is really low because the good are second hand, so in this way they make more money by selling the second hand items at a low price, which attracts the customer more.
Private Sector (Large)
Asda is a supermarket which is owned by American, the supermarket is really large that it has food, clothing, toys, financial services and mobile phone network. It is the second largest supermarket after Tesco’s.
Asda sells a variety of products it sells different variety of food such as milk, break, eggs, cakes and drinks. It sells different variety of clothes such as tops, bottoms, dress and shoes. Asda sells children’s toys as well; each toy has different age tag on so the toy is aimed at the children’s age to play with. Asda has its own mobile network, its low price calls and texts attract customers.
The purpose of this business is to sell goods which are made by someone else such as food and clothing; it makes profit by selling god, drinks, clothes and toys. The business also provides a service to