Bus 475 Business Model And Strategic Plan Part 1

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Business Model and Strategic Plan Part I
Patricia Pence
June 3, 2015
Jeffery Messinger
Company Definition
Luxury Adventures is a chartered yacht company that focuses on luxury adventures with amazing experiences. We provide exceptional adventures that our guests can access for magnificent destinations right at their doorstep. We currently have five yachts that accommodate 30 guests that genuinely provide an intimate voyage. Our adventures are energetic, interactive while being surrounded by tranquil luxury. Our yachts travel to the Caribbean, Europe, Asian and American Coastline destinations. Our guests are able to experience sought after destination along with hidden treasures. Company Vision and Mission Statement
Luxury Adventures vision is to operate in sync with our colleagues globally and our employees’ around the world to gain the advantage and uniqueness within all phases of operations, while exceeding guest expectation. Our small yachts and land excursions will provide fulfilment within our industry. A company’s mission should be distinctive purpose that allows them to stand out from other companies’ and identifies their operations (Pearson & Robinson, 2009, p. 11).
Luxury Adventures mission is to provide a luxurious adventure that is amazing and unforgettable. Our smaller yacht and the experiences of our guest is how we measure our success. Our growth will come through increasing our destinations, land adventures and luxurious accommodations.

Core Values
The day to day practices that a company uses are known as their Core values. There are several kinds of values such as cultural, family and personal values. Our core value are our greatest aspirations that we have and creates our character and beliefs. Our values set the standards for our employees to follow when solving problems, making decisions and manage our customers in manner that reflects our company in a positive way.
Defining our core values is a way we can set goals and generate a clear uniqueness for our employees to possess and our guess will enjoy.
Commitment to Safety and Sustainability
It is our commitment to protect the welfare of our employees, guests, land and water that we travel on. Continuous precise standards along with continued education, hard work and training will sustain clean and safe environment for everyone to appreciate.
We are continuously exploring ways to enhance our adventures and products in a way that improves our employees and guest experiences. Contributions and listening to our employees and guest desires and ideas for improvement and change is an innovative way to explore ways for improvement. For us to be competitive, we welcome change and recognize that we must progress forward to grow as a company.
Strategic Direction
Strategic direction is described as a sequence of actions that eventually leads to success of the identified goals of a company’s strategy plan (Mireles, S. ,2013). During the strategic planning phase for a company, they establish a strategic direction. For us to reach our goals, we will use the channels of our destinations, environmental stewardship, amenities and expert leadership. Luxury Adventures leaders are experienced professional with years of skills and knowledge of the cruise line industry. They have the devotion to produce and deliver our core values to all of our guests to socially enrich their experiences, recognize quality and value. Luxury Adventures has joined Ocean Conservancy to focus on issue relating to the environment. Some of the issues are environmental education, training, waste management, energy and water usage and defend conservation ("Ocean Conservancy ", n.d.). Empowering people to protect the ocean and its wild life is the first priority of ours. Our itineraries are planned with guest in mind. Spending longer days in certain ports allows ours guest the opportunity to send extra time to discover all the unique locations that each