Essay on Business Moral Responsibility

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Businesses Moral Responsibility
Darryl A. Young
April 18, 2008
GEPI 140

One of the most important questions in all businesses is, whether businesses have any moral responsibilities at all beyond simply earning as much of a profit as possible for their owners? If you look at it from the business point of view they are only responsible for making a profit. The company is an agent of the shareholders and is responsible only to them, and only for making a profit. Looking at it from the consumer point of view the company is responsible to everyone who has a stake in the operations of that business, that is, everyone who is affected. This includes shareholders but also employees, consumers, suppliers, and the surrounding
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There are many laws that have come about to reduce dishonest acts but they still can’t implement the company to be moral. Morality may be viewed in many different ways because not everyone will see a particular issue in the same sense. Businesses have the upper hand when it comes to helping. There are times when failing to help is to harm, so companies could be considered morally wrong for not doing good. Companies obligations to the world as far as how moral they should be depends upon the company or business. For instance the automotive industry should really focus on trying to make if they haven’t already done so on making more fuel efficient/hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions. Many consumers enjoy the pleasure of riding in larger vehicles such as SUV’s but those vehicles produce the most pollution. In order to reduce the pollution while still producing quality and enjoyable vehicles to travel in, they should focus on ways of working the two out for the greater good of the company and consumer. Education is another important factor that can be used as a moral responsibility when it comes to consumers. Companies should have educations program set up for students, especially rising college students because they will be the people that may come and work for the company or enter corporate America so companies should engage in funding to assist young