Business Need for Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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The human resources department is a major necessity and heavily influences how effective an organization can be. In order for Kudler Foods to have an effective human resources department, the organization should begin by reorganizing its members and their responsibilities.
Because Kudler Foods is a small organization, they should base the human resources department with Brenda Wagner, Director of Administration and Human Resources, out of the La Jolla location along with a contact in the Del Mar and Encinitas locations. All applicants will be subjected to completing an employment application, which should ask questions about their personal, educational and work history. All applications should be created by Brenda Wagner and Kathy Kudler which in turn could be picked up and completed at any of the three locations.
After the initial selection, Kudler Foods should begin the substantive process by determining the most qualified applicants from those individuals who just “meet” the qualifications. During this process, applicants will be interviewed by the store manager and/or assistant manager of the location they are applying at. If the manager(s) feel that the verbal interview went well for the applicant and that they could be an asset to Kudler Foods, and then the applicant will be administered a personality test. If the applicant’s personality test results are good, then drug testing and criminal background checks will then be required and passed before they could begin employment.
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