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January 17, 2013 Most businesses start from an idea of one or more individual who decide to share their ideas, may it be selling a particular item, invention, or to services from laundry matt to a big restaurant chain or a hotel. Commonly it will start from a single store, from a single business establishment, Sole Proprietorship just like a hotdog stand, a salon (some not all), which the owner would be liable and takes all the financial risks associated in venturing to that business. Sometimes, when a particular sole proprietorship business model becomes successful the owner may have offers from other individual, may it be a friend that would love to venture with them, and would like to invest in the Business, and in doing so that business will become a Partnership, then at this time it wouldn’t be in just one person that all liability but to the two or more individual who decided to partner in a venture, this particular organization are usually common in Dentist, Clinics, Law Firms, and some would be a Inn, or any other small businesses like Chipotle when it was still starting. When the individual who ventured in a business like an Inn, and the business grew and grew, and the clientele expanded and the demand is high for its services (lets say it was still a start of an era where there is no hotel) then the owners who have ventured can bring it to public, they can either do a Joint-stock company (which before was the only organization that is able to sell stocks) or they can do a Limited Liability Company organization, and expand their services. They then can use the money that was acquired