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The Ritz of Doggie Day Care
Business Organization
Shawna Burke
May 9, 2014
Allen Barton

Heidi Flammang’s was married to Bion who had the love of dogs as much as she did. Their

Stay Perman, “The Ritz of Doggy Day Care, “BusinessWeek Online, April 12, 2005.
Chapter One: What Is Business? BUS/210

love of dogs encouraged them into a Doggie Day Care business. They made a plan for Camp Bow Wow. Her husband, Bion, was killed in a plane crash, Flammang then put that dream on hold. Finally, in 2000 she decided to move forward to her dream and make Camp Bow Wow happen. She opened up a Doggie Day Care in an Old Denver war veteran’s hall. Within six months she was expanding. Heidi Flammang’s approach in the business of Camp Bow Wow was exciting and ready to make this Doggie Day Care, “Camp Bow Wow” happen with her husband. Once Bion, her husband passed away in a plane crash she did everything in her will power to make this dream that her husband and her had happen and be successful. She tried from financial consulting, pharmaceutical sales, and launching catalog to find success with Camp Bow Wow. She never loses sight of their dreams and she made sure to persevere. Being a young willow women trying to peruse a business not knowing everything but figuring out the financial part and seeking a location to get her Doggie Day Care business started, shows the passion she had for the loves of dogs and wanting a business people could bring their dogs to be taken care of while they are at work, vacation, and etc; knowing that they will be well taken care of with lots of love. Camp Bow Wow’s business model created more value for dog owners than its competitors. The simplest fact that Flammang states, “Owners are more concerned with their dogs’ mental and social welfare. And this is a much better alternative than leaving them in a cage.” Dogs are like children, they need attention, love, training, social with other dogs and humans, feed, water, and etc. Keeping dogs cope in a cage all the time can cause problems and issues with them and the owners. She was cheap and all the necessities she needed. Within six months she was growing, growing fast that Flammang business grew into different states. She was the nation’s only franchised doggie day-care center. Over time, she was able to prove yourself. Flammang was business