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B&J Beauty Supply

Description of business
My business I am striving to achieve will be called B&J Beauty Supply. My Business will be located in the small town Of DeKalb, TX where I reside. B&J Beauty Supply will offer the most up to date hair care products and appliances for all ethnicities and hair types. We will also carry a variety of other supplies from jewelry, shoes, hats, weave, and even my all natural homemade sugar scrubs.
Form of Business Ownership
I would like my business to be a Sole proprietorship ownership. Although I will have family working with me in this journey to owning my own business; I am going to be the only owner and be responsible for all the business’s debts, losses, and liabilities.
Ideal Customer
I would say the ideal customer for my shop would be women, due to the vast variety of hair products and appliances I will be selling in my store. Not many men buy hair care products like women do, or even use as much as women do. My goal is to reach every age group, race, and sex. Although majority of my customers will most likely be female, I still would like to accommodate and appeal to the men as well.
My Advantages
I live in a small town of estimated 1,283 people; that are 35-45 minutes from any big chain stores or cities. There is a slim selection of stores in our town for any of our personal needs. Besides the grocery store and Family Dollar, there is nothing more to look forward to. On it state that the percent of women is 56.7% to the 43.3% of men. I believe that with the amount of women in town, and the slim pickings of stores and products, that the need for hair care products or accessories is in medium to high demand. I will bring a larger variety of personal hair care products and more right to their front door verses 35-45 minutes away. With cutting down the travel time, I will be helping build more personal time and family time; even if just adding a free extra 30 minutes to their day.
Ethical Issues
I want to hold the highest standards in my store. I want the products sold to my customers to be good products and not the cheaper ones. I want to be one jump ahead of other beauty stores and sell different; better products that really work; at fair prices. Other ethical issues I see arising would be dealing with the supply companies; hoping that they will have what I’m looking for or need in stock. I want to always have what my customers are looking for and if I don’t have it; I want to know I can get it from my supplier when asked. I want to be ready to have something for everyone.
Social Responsibility
I would definitely give back to my community because without your