Case Study Of FIZ Cola

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Company Name: “Freezing Co”
Brand Name: “Freezing Power”

Brief Introduction & Innovation

Me with two of my friends sitting in a restaurant on Skegnes Beach. One of us was drinking cola and one was enjoying ice-cream. The third one combined both ice-cream & cola and start to make fun. He enjoyed it and asked to us to taste that new combination. We are surprised after taste this new combination and find that it’s the perfect thing to drink in all seasons. After that I research on web and find that there is a company in America working on this project up to some extent whose name is. “FIZZ Cola” and it’s not the same product as I have. Finally, I decided to launch this combination of ice-cream and cola in United Kingdom-UK-.

We are going to introduce cola with ice-cream for the first time in UK. Its features will be: Cola with a cup of ice above it, when you suck by straw cola mix with ice and then ready to taste cola with ice-cream and it is also available in different flavors with crushed almonds and pistachio’s and the flavors are chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and tutti fruity and it will be launched at all beaches of UK and in London at the start and we can expand to other cities later. To make and store it perfectly company can purchase freezers with two portions from Irinox California USA having temperature of upper potion minus 2-5 and lower portion 4-6 degree. This product is also having differtiation factor in characteristics because there is no concept like this in the market and it shows uniqueness. This product is unique because of taste, logo, slogan, having first mover advantage in market so it is easy to say about its bright future.

UK is the country where people use cold drinks and ice-cream throughout the year and especially in summers. So it’s the plus point that the product circulate in the market for whole year. Company can get cola from Pepsi according to their terms and conditions and make the ice-cream inside the factory and things to make ice cream, company can get from TRS stores. Company can also registered under company’s act 2006, UK and also get license from legal food and safety and food health department. I am the CEO of Freezing Power Co. (PVT) ltd and it is the Sole Proprietorship.

The company’s belief is that after taste Freezing Power, people get crazy and customers can take interest because of its innovative factors, marketing plan, and price and especially because of its Slogan. “Taste it today before it’s too late”.

500 ml of Cola,
02 Scoops of Ice-Cream
Unique taste
Interesting Combination
Cola with Ice-cream

Destroy heat & thirst
UK Environment Need
Fulfill need and make cool from inside
Makes crazy, fresh and remove laziness


According to the description and features of the product, segmentation and attractiveness of the product is active. To increase the profitability, the analysis and compatibility of different segments with our product will working and company find some segments to target which are, Confident and innovative young males & females and professionals are the potential customers of this new innovation. Working and business males & females of the upper class and middle class are also the potential customers. Company adopted the strategy of product specialization and launch the same product throughout all markets as well as on all our selling points.

According to company’s policy the big part of targeted customers are youth, the young people who are energetic, fresh, fashionable, crazy, trendy and who they always like change every day, people who like new things to taste. Our Slogan also touch to the hearts of youth so it put a definite effect on company’s growth and profitability.

The main target of freezing Power is youth having age 15-25 but we categorize in depth to consider people