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Executive Summary
Flee n Free was established in 2013 to offer a brand-new experience for HK citizens and tourists. Overall, our company can be characterized as a game center. Flee n Free provides a platform for customers to turn virtual online games to real-life experiential game. Customers are encouraged to play individually or in groups.
The game will be divided into different timeslots that customers are required to have online booking on our official website before coming to our game center. Our target customers are mainly young generation aged from 14-30.
The great potential market brings a considerable amount of profits to Flee N Free. We will keep expanding our business to generate more profits.

Market and Competitor
Real life escape game has become a popular trend over more than 10 countries, including Korea, Japan and United States. More than 300 thousand participants have tried and experienced this first person entertainment, and there is a rising demand for this kind of entertainment.

Market Analysis
PEST Analysis
In these decades, Hong Kong government helps to promote creative industry, which encourages more new generations to take part in it. Henceforward, the government gives a lot of technical and financial support to those creative projects (Real escape game is one kind of creative entertainment). Due to the government intervention, more youths like to enter this market and it helps to raise the awareness of people.
Also, with the advanced improvement of technology, information can be spread around the world in just a second. Due to this, more potential customers learn about the new age entertainment –real room escape game. Henceforward, the popularity of this entertainment arouses.
Furthermore, attributable to prosperous growth of Hong Kong economy, people receive a much higher income, that they eager to enjoy better lifestyle with superior entertainment. People are willing to spend much more and higher for unnecessary items, like these real life experience games.

Consumer Behavior