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Title: Business Plan Proposal
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TechOra is a video and music is a mass copyright and retail that is based on entertainment. This entertainment business specialize with bring the latest in the world of entertainment closer to its consumers. The plan in setting up this business is to produce and sell these entertainment products to the immediate society or neighborhood. The uniqueness in this business will be in the initiative to provide ready products, and ensure a friendly and helpful Centre. Moreover, to ensure that there will never arise the problem of contradicting interests, I Brandon Michel’s and my partner video producer Bill Mogen will assume the position of partners and CEOS over TechOra. An absolute minimum is highly essential to any business. To this effect, I have done a long term research on costs of opening my shop, and have conducted a thorough survey on the quotes of similar businesses. Embarking on the copyright is meant to ensure that my market price is lower than that of my competitors in the video and music sales business. Having my market price under control is advantageous as it avails more time to focus on my product’s quality and the services offered (McKinney, 2003).
The total worth of the entire entertainment in America is worth 36 billion, this hence makes TechOra stand a greater chance of survival than if involved in other forms of trade (McKinney, 2003). It is also encouraging how this industry is on the front line economically. Demand is based on need and the need

for this commodity is higher by the day. Our local outlet is backed up further by the ever increasing demand both locally and internationally for entertainment. The knowledge and passion for the entertainment industry knowing the latest trends, gossip, music, movies and public preferences places us at a competitive edge assuring me of obvious success, especially over our local competitors.
For the publicity of this venture, we plan to use the local media from radio, banners and television for the first two years till it picks up. Word of mouth would be another channel largely used and backed by effective and efficient services. My goal is that later after local publicity has earned me a good clientele we can set up a website targeting a wider audience (Brown & Gutter man, 2011). As an enticement, we plan to use free promotion products such as monthly free subscriptions to a preferred form of music or video. This is to ensure that these clients return repetitively.
My initial investment would be $200,000 while my partner would provide an equal amount for the business. The aim to refund this capital and earn thrice that amount as profit within the first year would be through ensuring the right product mix. To know what the people want, one must speak to the people. This would demand me to be aggressive and highly interactive with our locality knowing the preferences of at least 70% of the population. My research would have categories based on age and sex (Brown & Gutter man, 2011). Though this amount cannot help us much in stocking the shop as it should, we share in the policy of ‘start
small and build big over time.’ My hope is that the scope for expansion is great. I am also optimistic that in 3years, we will have a firm and popular grounding in this society (Abrams, 2003).
TechOra is a name a trendy name derived from our parents’ names (Teri, Charles, Olive and Raymond.) the choosing of this name was based on the unconditional support that our parents have showed us over the years in fulfilling our passions. The provision of the latest and most sought after genres of video