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Dr. Magic Business plan

Industry Analysis Washing the hair has become a near universal practice. Shampoos are assumed importance as a product category with the advent of synthetic detergents. In early times, shampoos could be defined as an efficient cleansing method for hair, but today shampoos must do much more. According to Statista, shampoo sales increase up to $13.96billion in total in 2011and 2012. Customers have higher requirements of shampoos as their income level increase. “More than 35% of consumers generally look for natural personal care products to avoid cosmetics that contain synthetic chemicals.”(ReportLinker)

Introduction Our brand, Dr. Magic, seeks for producing natural and professional organic shampoo for customers and is expected to show a magic for customers whose hair is dry through the use of Dr. Magic. The mission statement of high-valued products requires us take advantage of pure natural plants to satisfy the increased customers’ needs for health-oriented products.

Price/Pricing The price of Dr. Magic organic shampoo is divided by what the capacity is, because it is organic product, it will be just a little expensive than the other shampoo products. With 300ml Dr. Magic organic shampoo is about 10 dollars each, with 500ml is about 15 dollars each.

Product The product that we are selling is organic shampoo. Differently with normal shampoo, we add organic ingredients into our Dr. Magic shampoo, and for different types of hair, we have different types of shampoo. Each nutrient is extracted from fruits and oils of our nature. The Dr. Magic shampoo itself will be smooth and will make hair smooth and soft after using. The Dr. Magic shampoo can be used daily by all the people who have desire of beautiful and healthy hair. The size we are serving are 300ml and 500ml and our Dr. The bottle will be made with thick plastic so that it is waterproof in the shower and the flexible plastic also makes it easier for a consumer to squeeze the liquid out of the bottle while using it. In order to keep the bottle sealed, it comes with a plastic cap on the top as well. What’s more, the bottle be bright green which can psychologically meet the thoughts of green and natural. In addition, we will put our phone number and mailing address on the bottle so that customers can contact us if they have any questions and concerns. We will also put our website link on the bottle so that customers and contact us online and also learn more about our products. Magic products will be available at all the grocery stores and supermarket.

Promotion The fundament message we seek to convey in promoting Dr. Magic is that natural women deserve a natural shampoo. As a small business company, Dr. Magic promotes positive self-image and strives to aid women in cherishing their hair. Dr. Magic will promote the organic shampoo as a product that is kind and healthy on the hair. We will relay this idea with the slogan ‘an all natural shampoo for a natural you’. We will use a one voice strategy through integrated marketing communications to relay this important message to women. In order to convey this message, our ultimate goal in promotion will be inform consumers of Dr. Magic’s benefits. Because the Dr. Magic shampoo is on the introductory stage, we will use a particular advertising approach. This approach will describe the materials we used to formulate an organic option that delivers quality cleansing and conditioning to the end user. We want consumers to believe that the results of our natural shampoo are equally effective as the other shampoo in the market. Our advertisement will be communicated through TV, internet and magazine media. We aim to show the TV advertisement during the TV play in America and China. The TV commercial will show various environments while a spokesman for Dr. Magic explain their commitment to