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Business Plan
John Brown and Jane Smith

I’m writing this business plan for John Brown and Jane Smith
Who are opening a coffee shop in the country town of daylesford.
John is a chef and Jane has had experience managing hotels and restaurants. But they don’t have any business experience and they’ve asked for my expert advise and assistance in preparing their business plan.

Skills/ competencies and personality traits necessary
John is a chef, Jane was manager. They have the main important skills to maintain their business. John and Jane have industry specific skills which are important to have in opening their coffee shop. John has worked as a chef, His skills as a chef as very important in the coffee shop. Jane has the necessary management skills that will help manage the coffee shop.
John will need to have extraordinary organization skills, as he will be needed to make certain coffees for the customer’s preference of coffee.
John brown and Jane smith will need persistence, It’s very important to have this qualitie. Motivation is needed to keep the business running, you have to strive for success because that will improve your chance of making your business successful. As well as having the right personality there are specific generic skills that are important in all types of business such as Communication, Planning, Organization. For example: every business in the world needs planning, communication and organization skills. These three things are very important to run a business.

Market research options
John and Jane will have to go around conducting surveys, the type of method you choose depends on what you are hoping to discover or better understand about your market.
Once all your data is collected, it takes careful analysis to come to any conclusions or understanding. But if done right, the results will make all your business decisions smart ones.
I recommend you to conduct surveys since they are free and are easy to do. Before you start any business you should always have market research, doing this will contribute to you having a successful business.
Most appropriate form of ownership
Partnership is the most appropriate type of ownership. You can run the business together. You have less risk in doing this. Its better then being sole trader, Partnership has liability unlimited for each and every partner in the business. If the business fails and your partner can’t afford to pay their share of any debts incurred, John and Jane will also jointly responsible for any debts your partner incurs, with or without your knowledge. Partnership is the