Teamwork And Collaborative Communication Skills In An Office Environment

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GeoTeam aims to promote teamwork and collaborative communication skills in an office environment. The corporate offices have always struggled with communication between different departments. The idea of introducing a way to work together in a fun and stimulating environment while developing long lasting communication and teamwork skills will help in real life situations.

Inspiration for this project is to give employees an opportunity to get out of the office and still be doing something with coworkers. I was inspired by an organization called Dr. Clue, which is a corporate event planning business. They include pre planned hunts as well as make custom routes to include personalized clues.

Our goal is to provide fun, hands on scavenger hunt with companies who want to treat their employees to a fun day or to help solve communication issues within each department.

Client Overview

We provide a unique team work experience to the work force. We wish to continue creating fun, collaborative team building skills through our corporate event hosting.
As of right now we are a moderately distinguished company and are working to gain more capital in our business. Our company has been in the market for a few years now and are looking to add new events to our venue. Our new additions to our service list requires new designs with our website and logo.
We strive to give our clients the best experience possible through exciting events. We are always making new courses for several locations our company hosts, so rest assured you’ll never get the same course twice.

Our company is involved in the corporate sector and plans upscale events for company parties and social events. We have competitors in the corporate events planning industry but still stay ahead of the game to ensure that our clients get the best experience possible.
Our largest competitor is Team Bonding Atlanta. They offer similar corporate events such as art classes, murder mysteries, and CSI crime scene solving. Team Bonding Atlanta’s main objective is based on the power of play. They believe that is the key to success in group settings.
Corporate downsizing within large companies can pose as a risk to our business due to the economy. We must continue to keep our event programs up to date and interesting to keep customers coming back for future event planning.
Our pricing is based on how many people are in the group. Base pricing starts at $1,375 for a group of 25-50 people. Larger groups will be charged more due to materials used and smartphone rental.

Target Audience
Our designs are meant to attract larger corporate offices