Executive Summary Of Harris Afterschool Care And Water Park In Tarboro

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Executive Summary

Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark offers a unique service in that there is no other program like it in the city of Tarboro. It will provide a stimulating and safe environment for children. Though the city does run some fun for children through their parks and recreation department, and there are many daycares, this is the first all in one place around. The purpose of Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark is to provide the residents of Tarboro and the surrounding areas with family fun in an enjoyable, pleasant atmosphere and an afterschool care that help with all homework needs to create more family time at home. We have a large indoor waterpark with slides for ALL ages. Based on the current market prices in the waterpark and afterschool care market, Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark has the potential of making excellent sales the first year. With good management, a healthy annual revenue growth is expected. I am seeking a loan from Telco Credit Union of $100,000.00. I plan to pay this over a period of 5 years. I will use this loan for all the indoor waterpark and the arcade part of the business. I already have the land and the building ready.


We have two main parts of our business: Afterschool care and the Waterpark/Arcade. We will work with the schools to provide one on one help with the kids who need it the most. Our afterschool care workers will pick kids up from their school. With growth in a few years I see the schools working with our company to provide a reward for excelling kids who meet all their goals. Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark will be a family oriented indoor waterpark and arcade, which will cater to the entire family. Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark has a large indoor waterpark with loads of fun for all ages. What makes Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark different from any other is we also offer afterschool care where our dynamic staff will pick the kids of all ages from school and help them with their school work and help them develop in the Education world. During the week our main focus is our daycare, school groups, and our afterschool care. The weekends will be full of Watertastic fun for ALL ages. Also for those afterschool kids who accomplish all their goals we have a large arcade to reward them for their accomplishments. We will have different food vendors set up so once you are at out location; you can stay all day with everything you need available for purchase.


Target Market

The main target for Harris’ Afterschool Care & Waterpark is school aged kids. There will be fun for all ages, but the school kids will be our main focus. To bring in those afterschool kids to build up our business name. We will target most working adults who have a good income and require babysitters or afterschool care. Because of our location we can take local kids and out of town kids because we are right by the bypass, so for parents picking their kids up we will not be out of the way.

Industry Analysis

Tarboro is consistently ranked as a prime location for work and livability. The industry around here is stagnant recently. The location is a big key in this business. Due to the changes with a new charter school that opened less than a mile from where this business is going to be, each year as the school grows and adds more kids, I expect my business to grow also.

Market Analysis

During school months I expect the growth to be higher of the afterschool care and offering types of promotions for those afterschool kids to also come for the waterpark fun outside of school days. My highest number of visitors will come during the winter months because you don’t have the beach trips and other vacations as often as you do in the summer. People are looking for fun things to do; they are tired of staying in the house because of the cold. This offers the perfect place for that.


I will offer different package deals to help