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Capstone Project
BUS 101
Professor Janice Feldbauer
Ruchi Vyas I chose H&R Block because I have personal ties to H&R Block. My aunt has been working for the company for the last 7 years. According to my aunt, H&R Block has been serving our community for the past 60 years, and it is an excellent company to work for and to grow ones tax knowledge and expertise. H&R Block has been working very closely with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to serve our community and the tax payers, best way possible. Yes, I believe my company is ethical and socially responsible. H&R Block has good works ethics. Therefore it protects the company and chose the client that company has a lot to offer. It also shows that company cares about how it treats its customers. H&RBLOCK deals with supplier, creditors on ethical basis and when it comes to social responsibility, H&R Block reputation speak for itself. According, to my aunt, if you were to go to an H&R Block office they will helps you anyway they can. Based on my research, I believe that the H&R Block is not well positioned to compete in the global marketplace because it’s not in whole Asia. H&R Block has a market presence in 13 other countries besides the United States. They are as follows: Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Guam, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands. H&R Block has used strategies like franchising and direct investing to enter these markets. The strategy of franchising is a brilliant idea because it brings in more revenues and lot less responsibility, for the company that is associated with direct investing. This is not an opportunity but this is a weakness. If I was a stock holder of H and R Block, I would be pretty confident in his ability to govern the company in the right direction to get me best possible outcome because of his extensive education and remarkable work records, makes him the most capable person to run the company. If I was a stock holder, I would be a little suspicious about Alan's ability to benefit company because; his work experience with Health industry puts me a little on the edge. Yes, based on my research, H&R Block is taking full advantage of the vast opportunity the Internet represents. H&R Block offers web based tax preparation services and if you started your tax returns online and if you run into troubles you can either go to their office or get professional help through instant messaging. H&R Block's website uses tactics like low prices and peace of mind guarantee to sell its product and services. H&R Block also address the need of investors by providing press center links on its website. Nowadays due to weak economy, it is imperative for a company to keep up its public image. H&R Block does an excellent job of doing just that through its' website. As far as recruiting goes, H&R Block uses its website to hire tax professionals, customer services coordinators, corporate field officer, and administrative personals. Block's web site makes it simple to find out about the hiring process, tax classes, and available positions. Block tries to attract qualified people by describing itself as fun and reliable employer and by providing all the necessary information a person needs to get a job with H and R block. Weaknesses of H&R Block is, a] High tax preparation fees : ( My focus company H&R Block offers knowledgeable tax preparation but the cost of doing taxes is much higher than of liberty and Jackson Hewitt b] Many seasonal employees without good employee benefits : (This is the major weakness of H&R Block organization. It should offer its employees benefits such as health Insurance, 401k, stock offering etc...). Opportunity of H&R Block is, a] Mortgage market: Since H&R block has its own bank. It should, H&R Block has an opportunity to grow market share by offering home mortgages b] Real