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Business plan for Autonio`s Irish Coffee House The name of the business is Autonio`s Irish Coffee House. The location of that is northeast corner of Union Street and 6th avenue. The facility include the machines of coffee, television, PlayStation, fridge for cooling some juice or coca, baking machine, dish-washing machine, some sofa, small table chairs and some toys. The size of the business I think it should be a small one. I will make two managers and each manager will manage two employee and work about nine hours per day. Executive Summary: This is a simple little business. The main customer group I think would be the college students. According the material that showed me, there are 28.76% of the populations are in college students. If they want to have somewhere that can read the book and have some coffee. The Autonio`s Irish Coffee would be there first choice. They can read book, have some coffee or juice and enjoy the sunshine or the liquid sunshine, they can come to our restaurant. Our coffee house will operate 18 hours and 7 days, from 9 a.m. to 3 a.m.It`s really important because many of the students they works on night, but the library will close on the 11 or 12 o`clock. So they have to go back to dorm or somewhere, but it’s really hard to find some place at that time. On the other hand, if you want to have fun when you feel tired, we also provide the playing room. There will be two playing rooms in our coffee house. You can bring your own toys and video games, or you can use ours, they are all free. Just pay the money to rent the room. The design I will choose to have a special one, the simple design will not attract our students to come here. I will print big piece of black and white on the wall and floor, not only the regular size but some piece like triangle and roundness. The two doors of the playing room will also print into that color so it will looks like a sally port in the building that will be so interesting for our customers. The main product that we sold is not only the coffee but also the service that we provide to our customers. For the food part, we may not use some high quantity coffee or food, just some homemade bread and coffee. The price of food is also not very high and the profit of our business will be like 10%-15%. Mission Statement: My company`s purpose to sell high quantity service and food to college students in the Seattle downtown area. We will provide a relaxation, comfortable and freedom atmosphere to make our customers totally enjoy the time in our restaurant. When I was in college I just want to find someplace can reading book, playing game and eating food, I even can spent all days in such a place. I also want the place can be operate late enough because we always plays so late on the night. So I decide to do a small business like that, it can do the most service for our teenage and college students. Purpose of Business Plan: There are two main reasons for producing a business plan. The first is to do with reviewing my business idea, strategy and analyzing what my objectives are to ensure my business proposal is feasible. The second reason is to produce an analysis of my ideas and portray them in a way that will attract or provide confidence to a potential investor. Business Goals: The goal of our business is to serve the college students and occupy the market share of students. Compare with other competitor, our goals is the occupy 10%-15% of the total market share. The revenue of our business I hope to get 24,000-27,000 dollars and the net profit is 6,000-9,000 dollars per month in the first year. Increase the customer satisfaction to 90% in the first year. Description of Business: The environment that we will create is an atmosphere like a combination of library and dorm. First I want to say that the doors and wall of the play room is all used by deadener material. So it means whatever you want to do in the play room like your dorm but not will interrupt the guy…