Marketing Advantages And Disadvantages

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The nature and purpose of your business:
Background of this business concept:
3. VISION AND VALUES (Current Position & What Needs to be done)
Your vision and values
Your current position
Parts of the vision that are already in place:
What still needs to be done:
Competitive advantage of your business concept:
Strengths of this business concept:
5. YOUR INDUSTRY (How are your products produced)
The industry:
The process:
Market research:
Market potential:
Who are your key targets?
Who are your main competitors?

8. Promotional methods (Channels to market)
Promotional methods:
Channels to market:
9. Business structure (Legal protection)
What business structure have you chosen?
What legal protection do you have?

10. External influences
What is outside your control?
How will you use technology?
11. Personnel (skills and achievements/staff skills and experience)
What have you achieved so far?
Do you have anyone else helping you?

12. Other help (Partners/advisors)

13. Profit (potential profit)
14. Measuring progress
15. Cashflow and financing
16. Cashflow assumptions
Sales revenue: How did you work your monthly sales estimate? Outline why certain months may vary.
Drawings: Include details of how much you need each month to live, and why this might fluctuate over the year.
Wages: How did you calculate the wages (these can be yours or your employees)?
Marketing: What will you spend money on, and how are the ideas relevant to the customers you have in mind?
Other payments: If you have a number of smaller expenses, they tend to be entered as 'other'. If the amount starts to add up you'll need to explain exactly what the payments are.
Other assumptions: Is there any other information that needs to be explained to help a reader understand how the cash will flow in your business?
What sales do you need to break