Business Plan-Example Essay

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Table of Contents
1.Executive Summary 2
1.2 Mission
2.Company summary 3
2.1 Company ownership
3.Start-up summary 3
4. Products and Services 4
5. Market Analysis Summary 4
5.1 Market Segmentation
5.2 Target Market Segment Strategy
6. Strategy and Implementation Summary 5
6.1 Competitive Edge
6.2 Marketing Strategy
6.3 Sales Strategy
6.4 Sales Forecast
7. Management Summary 6
8. Financial Plan 6
8.1 Important Assumptions
8.2 Break-even Analysis
8.3 Projected Profit & Loss
9. Summary 7

1. Executive Summary
Rush Bakers & Restaurant (RBR) is a start-up bakery
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There is a high demand for fast, convenient food that is consumed with dietary concerns.
6.2 Marketing Strategy
Rush Bakers & Restaurant’s advertising budget is very limited, so the advertising program is very simple. The business hopes to do direct mail, banner ads, handbills and posters and newspaper advertisement.
6.3 Sales Strategy
The strategy of the sales will be to convert potential and first time customers into long term customers. We hope to do this by allowing people to try the products for themselves. This means, the product will speak for itself. We hope to attract people by marketing and let people experience Rush Bakers & Restaurant, so that it will turn the person into a long term customer.
6.4 Sales Forecast
-The first two months will be used to get the restaurant up and running it.
-Increase sales to Rs 150,000 by the end of first year
-Increase sales by 50% by the end of second year.
7. Management Summary
F.Rushdaa is the driving force behind Rush Bakers & Restaurant. F.Rushdaa is the chief founder and director of the restaurant. She will be looking after the financial side of the business including accounting, book-keeping, inventory management and stock fulfillment.
F.Zhulfaa will look after the management of the restaurant’s shopping list and will also serve as the head baker. She brings into the restaurant her five years working experience as a chef at a famous