Business Plan For Flash Supplements

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Business Plan
Executive Summary:
Flash supplement’s is a startup nutritional company that will embark upon its business affairs in the winter of 2013. We offer healthy and effective products to be used during strength training and conditioning. Although all our products are available to the mass consumer, the company’s main focus is to provide affordable, NCAA compliant supplements to collegiate athletic programs.
Our corporate office is located in Kent, Ohio with expectations to expand within the first year. The manufacturing plant is located in the neighboring city of Revenna, Ohio. Flash supplements plans to purchase another plant in the next six months to a year.
The company was started and is completely owned by Nate Vance. Former members of “Cytosport” nutrition will be involved with product research, along with former NFL nutritionist “Joe Schmoe”.

The objectives of “Flash supplements” are listed below.
1. To create and sale a line of 3-10 nutritional products to College athletic programs.
2. To provide our nutritional supplements to 15% of Colleges/Universities in the country by the end of year one.
3. Increase sales by 5% each year.
4. Be the main source for athletic nutrition for at least 50% of College athletic programs by the end of year 7.

Enhancing the potential of those we serve.

Keys to Success:
Maintain and improve on relations with collegiate athletic programs.
Create an aggressive and effective marketing plan in order to increase company recognition.
Implement an effective financial plan.
Work with athletic programs to create and develop new and NCAA legal nutritional supplements.
Stay on top of nationwide nutritional trends in order to keep our supplements top of the line quality.

Products and Services:
Flash Supplements plans to separate itself from the competition by providing NCAA compliant nutritional supplements for collegiate athletic departments. The biggest need of athletic programs is affordable yet effective nutrition. The products that “Flash supplements” provides go above and beyond to assure that our customers are satisfied.
We assure that all nutritional supplements are NCAA compliant and safe to use. There are zero banned substances in our products, as well as the recommended amount for each nutrient to provide optimal nutrition.
“Flash supplements” provides the following nutritional supplements:
Protein: 100% Whey, Casein, Soy, Protein/Carb mix
Creatine: Monohydrate
Multivitamin/Mineral: Mix of 40 Vitamins and Minerals
Rehydrate drink: Electrolyte replacement drink
Aminos: Amino-acid drink.

Market Summary:
Flash supplements primary focus will be on collegiate athletic institutions. This defined market share gives our company a clear focus and enables us to position our products uniquely to these institutions. The specifications of the market flash supplements will pursue consists of:
College or University with an athletics program.
Students from the ages of 18-24
NCAA divisions I, II, and III
NAIA divisions I and II
The specific and strategically defined market niche affords Flash supplements to target over 450,000 student athletes representing 1000 institutions nationwide. Demand for nutritional supplements is on the rise therefore, Flash supplements will look to fulfill the needs of athletes and athletic institutions.

Market Segmentation:
Flash supplements target market consists of collegiate institutions with an athletics program. The majority of the institutions will have athletics as a top priority and a desire for their athletes to have optimal nutrition in order to succeed. Any team that isn’t looking for low-grade, expensive, and possibly harmful supplements will be the main focus of “Flash supplements”. The ages of the athletes range from 18-24, both male and female.
Interscholastic athletes will be the secondary focus of Flash supplements. As a company, we will not target them directly, but our products will be