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Sabrina Nguyen
Mrs. Lingerfelt
AICE Travel & Tourism
8 January 2015

Dockside Tours Business Plan
● Dockside Tours aims were to thoroughly contrive a successful way to advertise, promote, and organize the Tour of the Annual Seafood Festival in Destin. We also aimed to make our event fun for both locals and tourists while also allowing them to enrich in Destin’s culture and history since the Seafood Festival occurs annually and is a well­known tradition in Destin.

Key Objectives
● The key objective was to educate people about the tradition of the annual Destin Seafood
Festival and to promote the event as a main tourist event to friends, families, locals, and tourists. Create a fun, memorable, and comfortable environment for all members of the group. Our event will give the tourists an opportunity to enjoy the delicious seafood while learning and experiencing our local culture in Destin firsthand and also being able to attend art shows and concerts which adds entertainment and fun. Our group was also to follow a detailed itinerary for the day that included scheduled times to visit shopping booths, eating lunch, watching live music, play games/visit nearby kiosks, and guide customers through career/opportunity booths.

● Since the festival has a young, fun environment, our group tried to appeal to families and students in our area and visiting. We especially tried to appeal to students because of the career/opportunity booths available at the festival. Our group advertised by making a
Facebook page and putting up informational posters around our high school so students could be aware of our free­of­charge event we were hosting. The games, face painting, and kiosks are perfect activities families, especially with young children, could participate in and enjoy.

Marketing Strategies
● We had several marketing strategies for our event. We made flyers with all the information about the event and put them around the school to inform students about it.
We also made a Facebook page advertising our event with the same information on it.

We also made personal invitations for our close friends and family who we thought would be interested in coming. Lastly, we made a website to promote our event and also show pictures of the Destin Harbor/Seafood Festival.

Resource Needs
● There were four tour guides at our event, Payton Lockley, Jessie Bentley, Ladarius
Marshall, and myself, Sabrina Nguyen. To make our event possible we had to have one adult supervisor, which was our teacher Mrs. Lingerfelt. We did not have to have any financial resources to attend the Destin Seafood Festival since the admission cost was free. The only thing that cost money in expense for our event was the cost of transportation to the Destin Harbor, which is accessible for all members and guests.

Team Roles
● I, Sabrina Nguyen, am the secretary of the group and tour guide. I made sure to always record everything the group discussed in our meetings. Along with overseeing and helping with other advertisements for the tour, my main responsibility was to make the
Facebook event page and invite family and friends that I assumed would be interested in attending. I made sure to add all of the information about the entertainment provided such as shopping, visiting, eating, live entertainment, and some kid­friendly booths, making sure to appeal to a wide variety of customers. By creating this Facebook page, I was able to efficiently promote our tour to locals and tourists.
● Payton Lockley is the CEO/President and tour guide of the group. She was also in charge of making the invitations that were sent out to all of the group members’ friends, families, classmates, etc. The invitations provided information about the tour date, time it starts and ends, and the location of the event.
● Isabella Tommasone is the Vice President of the group and she created the detailed itinerary for the tour date