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Business Plan


Prepared By: Catherine Sutherland & Anna Mildwater
Date Prepared:21 October 2011


About the Company
Your Products and Services
The Market
The Business Potential
Mission, Goals and Objectives
Business Structure
Industry Profile
Market Segmentation
Your Customers
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats
Sales and Marketing Objectives
Value Proposition
Your Product or Service
Sales and Distribution
Premises, Plant and Equipment
Capital Requirements and Funding Proposal
Current Financial Position
Financial Assumptions
Cash-flow Projection
Projected Profit and Loss
Risk Identification and Mitigation
Organisational Structure
Key Personnel
Action Plan

BUSINESS SUMMARY About the Company | | Hestia Deli is a retailer of quality, gourmet Mediterranean and Asian products for the discerning palette. The creation of Hestia will be through the takeover of an already established fine foods deli situated in Oakleigh, Victoria. The business will featured an equal partnerships between owners Jennifer Pandeaneanelnkt and Serena lfjdldjgldjl and anticipates commenced trading as of July, 2012. | Your Products and Services | | Hestia will offer a variety of foreign based gourmet deli style products and cafe style catering. The product variety will focus primarily on Mediterranean and secondarily on Asian cuisine, and comprise predominately imported though also local product items. Hestia also intend on offering low-scale catering of aforementioned cafe menu upon customer pick up. | The Market | You can purchase information for this section from | The current national Supermarket and food retailer market stands at an estimated 81,592.0 million in annual sales. Based on the past five years results the industry features an average growth rate of 3.04% per annum. The suburb of Oakleigh in which Hestia will be competing includes three major supermarkets dominating 90% of the market, and nine independent deli’s sharing the remaining 10% with the existing business Hestia will be taking over. | | Hestia will be targeting higher end shoppers within the gourmet food retailing market, and aims to grow from their current 1% to 1.5-2% by the end of the initial year of operations. | The Business Potential | | Outline your business’ competitive advantages Hestia will be offering deli style products of the highest standard using both imported and locally manufactured goods to offer it’s customers availability to previously unattainable products. Hestia will also encourage orders from customers for specialty items to further develop and design their inventory based around their customers tastes. Hestia’s unique selling tool as a deli is their range of Asian products as is rarely seen in deli retailers. | | Hestia are aiming for annual sales of $103,040 after it’s first year of operation. Hestia expects a significant rise in sales during the months of December and January being the height season for entertaining. Future growth of the business will be driven by the establishment of customer loyalty, through responding to customer wants via refined inventory. This will be achieved by the option for customer to order products not currently available. | Mission, Goals and Objectives | | Hestia strives to offer specialty deli products of the highest standard accompanied with quick and friendly service. | Your business objectives might cover targets for growth, customer numbers, revenue, profit and any other relevant measures. | | | Hestia aims to achieve $670,124 sales in the first year of operation, with an increase of .5- 1% growth within its operating market. Hestia aims to make a profit of $13,395 profit from