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The London Center for Hunger Relief
Business Plan

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Page 1 - Title Page
Page 2 - Table of Contents
Page 3 - Introduction
Page 4 - Economics/Market Size
Page 5 - Political Environment
Page 8 - Legal Environment/Regulations and Procedures
Page 10 - Employee needs
Page 11 - Funding, Resources
Page 13 - Risks
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London England is home to many homeless people, many of whom are suffering from starvation. Our company will aim to feed the homeless through minimal funding and mostly volunteering. The name of our food kitchen will be The London Center for Hunger Relief and will be located at one main facility. Before starting our company, we looked at a food bank in DC called DC Central Kitchen who are very successful here. We then compiled elements from the DC Food Kitchen like the idea of getting leftovers from restaurants and compiled these elements to create our business. We found out that the majority of food banks operating in the UK operate under the Trussell Trust fund. The Trussell Trust fund is the UK’s only food bank network and their aim is to provide short-term support for people whose needs have not yet been addressed by the welfare system (“The Trussell Trust Fund”, n.d.) They also provide a variety of assistance to help upcoming food banks become successful such as full training, an operation manual, PR advice etc. Our business mainly work as a liaison from the large international and national food companies as well as the hunger relief Non Governmental Organizations to the starving on the streets of London.

The London Center for Hunger Relief will establish relationships with a variety of local restaurants as well as national and international hunger funds in order to provide food. Our business will collect the food from these donors and partners and prepare it for the customers. We will require a minimum of two Euros for a plate at our center. If the citizen cannot afford entry we will allow them to volunteer a one-hour in order to receive a meal. To ensure that everything runs as according to plan we will employ a few overseers.

Economics/Market Size:
The United Kingdom’s economy has dwindled in the recent years. With predictions of no change in the health of the economy, hunger grows. Despite having the third largest economy in Europe, the United Kingdom still is having issues with feeding its poor ( In 2010 the United Kingdom was responsible just over half of its food, producing 60 percent of its own food, yet hunger is still an issue (Hubbarb & Hubbarb). Unemployment rates in the United Kingdom as well as poverty rates remain around the national average, with unemployment at 7.2 percent and 17.6 percent of the United Kingdom living on or under the poverty line ( With statistics like these and over 200,000 children moving into poverty in the United Kingdom, hunger will present its self as an issue that needs addressing (BMJ 2014;348:g3192). The United Kingdom also in recent years has reduced spending in certain areas of its budget, one of the largest being social welfare (figure 1)(Henson).(Figure 1) (Henson)

Political environment:
Homeless people are not the only group of people our food bank will be addressing. People that are unemployed and people who have low wage jobs also struggle to consistently put food on the table. To combat unemployment, the UK has implemented policies to help unemployed people find work. The UK has turned to work service providers, local authorities, training providers and employers to help them solve this problem. One method that they have decided on is referring unemployed people to a government website that helps unemployed people find a job within their area of expertise.

Additionally, within the scope of unemployed people, young people who are unemployed in