Business Plan Essay

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Tsing Yi Hotel Business Plan
Business plan outline:
1.0 Executive Summary
Keys to Success
2.0 Company Summary
Company Ownership
Start-up summary
3.0 Services
4.0 Market Analysis Summary
SWOT: Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
Market Segmentation
Service Business Analysis
5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary
Competitive Edge Marketing Strategy Sales Strategy Sales Forecast 6.0 Web Plan Summary Website Marketing Strategy Development Requirements
7.0 Management Summary
Personnel Plan
Management Information Systems
Key Management 8.0 Financial Plan Break-even Analysis Projected Profit and Loss Projected Cash Flow Projected Balance Sheet
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After specific planning, design also needs to be Hong Kong's cultural connotation fully integrated, reflect the characteristics reflect the value, creating a positioning accuracy; the goal is clear, reasonable investment, lodging in a cultural context.
We believe that the land more suited to the operation of tourist economy hotel, the hotel of the same size, different types, size and cost are different, the size of the 300 rooms, for example: tourism economy hotels
Features: limited service, the high proportion of double room, room size is compact
Room Total Area: 7,350 square meters
The amount of investment: $ 36 million (excluding land costs)
Expected earnings average price: $140 / room
Return on investment: 5 years (excluding finance costs)
Tsing Yi Bridge Motel will offer customers eight 1-bedroom units and two 2-bedroom units. Two units have a kitchenette and 2 units can be used together as a suite. Each unit is equipped with two double beds or a queen bed.
We have a full-service restaurant, a bar with a dance floor that provides live entertainment

Market Analysis Summary
Strength: Located in a popular tourist region Big rooms Large grounds and open areas Breakfast service to rooms | Weakness: Very