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Garden Café Business Paper

Samantha Bowden

Business 210

The Garden Café is a small business that is run and owned by Samantha and Alyssa Bowden. It is a nice relaxing place to people to go to morning and night to order coffee, listen to good music, eat fresh food and hangout. The Garden Café is dedicated to making our customers feel at home and provide farm fresh food on our menu. We have a great team that understands the goals of the company and works together towards those goals and making our customers happy. As a business the Garden Café is very simple and straight forward with few rules in place. As a family owned business we focus on helping our community and at the same time helping our own business grow. The company’s organizational structure is the matrix structure. This is the strongest kind of structure and work very well with our business. By utilizing cross-functional teams we are taking advantage of all of the strengths of our employees and management staff. We make sure to keep our front line staff and our kitchen staff engaged and working together as a team. This helps ensure that nothing is overlooked and everyone is able to use their abilities to the fullest. Our management staff, consisting of three people, has the job of overlooking all of the daily duties of the employees and making sure every customer is happy. The kitchen staff reports to manager one while the front line staff reports to manager two. The third manger overlooks all of the staff including the other two managers and reports any troubles or issues to the owners. At the start of each shift a huddle will be held to pin point any issues and also to announce any good news amongst the staff. All news, issues, and change in procedure will be reported at the end of the week during a meeting between the three managers and the owners. The Garden Café is the only café of its kind in all of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding cities. This gives the Garden Café a major advantage over other cafés in the area. As a farm to table café the food is much fresher than other cafés who order frozen foods and vegetables. Also with its seasonal coffee and tea menu the Garden Café will be able to compete with the smaller surrounding coffee shops as well. The staff and management will treat each and every customer as if they were part of the team. Every customers concern or idea will count and we will have a comment box sent up specifically for this purpose. The idea is to make sure the Garden…