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Executive Summary offers intelligent children an enjoyable place to communicate with other children, websites, instructors and the whole world basically. At first, it creates traffic, assessment for shareholders and ultimately in the end it will create business and income. This website is a perfect website for: a) Children to learn and have fun at the same time, b) Parents, relatives and educational institutions to buy, c) Employees with innovative ideas and perfect work atmosphere.
The is a start-up business with five full-time and two part-time employees which is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Based on internet, the is a e-commerce business which will promote and sell some special games, books, cds, dvds, newsletters for children, parents, teachers and educational institutions. To boost market share and to take the full competitive advantage, this business will create some online applications which can be downloaded from the
The will be offering varieties mixed products that include games, Cds, Dvds, books, newsletters and software. has advanced technology that will help children to educate themselves. It will also help parents, relatives and teachers to educate their kids and students very successfully. It has very advanced technical support which is open 24/7. This website is the first website that is supported and approved by the U.S. board of primary teachers association. Besides kids, parents, kid’s relatives, teachers and primary school, we will focus on rich American parents and relatives who spend their money on their kids when they will see our advanced products and technology that is not offered by any other companies. Mission Statement proposes talented kids an enjoyable place to relate and network with each other, teacher, parents and community in general. It creates the passage and produces the best possible innovative products for children. Keys to Success * We must maintain the customers’ loyalty. * should be very easy and comfortable to use * Sell a verity of products for children * Provide 100% customer satisfaction * Involve in the children events and activities * Provide answers and advice our customers in a timely manner * Encourage existing customers to recommend website to others.
Products and Services is a full service website that sells some specific products for talented kids to increase their knowledge in very effective way. The will be offering varieties mixed products that include: - Games, Cds, Dvds: these special products are for children, parents, relatives and teachers which will attract to these target market. This will be available to order from the website or by phone. - Books and Newsletters: these products will attract the parents, relatives and teachers to buy for their children and for their school to teach. These products will be available to order from the website or by phone. These products will also be available to read online. - Software: this company will create its own software and web applications that will attract the target market (parents, relatives and teachers) to download from its website or order online or by phone.
To add the value of these products, we offer next day delivery for small fee within the United States and three days delivery in any other country. The needs of these products will be evaluated and assessed in every three months to meet the needs of the kids, parents, relatives and educational institutions. People want to see their kids are intelligent and this will fulfill their needs. We have the most advanced technology that can produce the most updated products which will attract our target market to buy right away and the super sell of our products will increase the profit margin