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Business Plan: Stage Two Ellen Tang
Executive Summary
Parents nowadays have increasing concerns about their children’s performance in their HSC exam. This is an important stepping stone for students to get in universities for further studies and development. Inspiration is a private tutorial business recently commenced in Carlingford to help senior students (students in Year 11 and 12) success in their HSC.
Inspiration has experienced teachers which help students study more efficiently and it provides a great learning environment and allows students to get access to lots of courses related materials.
Inspiration specializes in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies and Economics. We hope that our students can gain a competitive advantage through our courses and achieve their goals in the HSC.

Operations plan
Production information and process
The service offered by Inspiration is tutorial lessons for all Year 11 and 12 high school students. We specialise in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Business studies as well as Economics. We have classes twice a week with two hours each time and our inspirational and experienced teachers are committed to help students achieving highest marks in exams, and more importantly, the HSC.

Our production inputs are capital (equipments and properties), labour (people involved as tutors), information, time and money. Through the transformation process, our tutors are giving knowledge and providing practices for students. This involves a transfer of information. And finally the output for our service is that students can achieve their personal goals in the HSC.

Facilities of the classroom
White Board
White Board



Equipment, suppliers and costing Name of item | Supplier’s name | Estimated cost ($) |
Classroom desks Classroom Essentials 100*9=900
Classroom chairs Classroom Essentials 20*18= 360
White Board Lepistole 80

Inspiration has four classrooms, so the total costs for equipments are:

Relevant laws and regulations * Federal Government
Inspiration has the obligation to provide employees with superannuation. According to this regulation, all employers need to pay a proportion of an employee’s wages into superannuation fund. (Currently 9%)

Another important piece of legislation relating to employment is the Australian government’s Fair Work Act 2009. This legislation covers the nature of employment contracts and agreements, unfair dismissal, dispute-setting methods, protection of human rights in employment, and employer responsibilities for tax payment of employees. This Act also applies to all Inspiration staffs.

* State Government
Occupational Health and Safety Regulations is a regulation introduced by the Federal Government. It is also known as Work Health and Safety. The Australian government has written this special law that tell employers what they have to do to make sure their workplace is safe. Under this Act, all employers have to encompass the social, mental and physical well-being of workers and almost everyone at the workplace has legal responsibilities for work health and safety. It has been indicated that an employee must take reasonable care for his or her own health and do not adversely affect the health and safety of others. All employees in Inspiration must follow this government act.

* Local Government
The local government has the control over size, location and shape of business signs. Inspiration is going to have a medium sized blue sign with our business name and business logo on it.

Employee requirements
Our Inspiration tutorial business has five employees plus the owner. There are four tutors including three class tutors and one for special one on one tutorial. In addition, we also have one