Business Plan Writing For Small Business And Entrepreneurship

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Business Plan Writing for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Course Project Business Plan
DeVry University, SBE 440

December 18, 2012

ARS Enterprises, Inc.
1234 Vine St.

Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents 3
II. Company Description 4
III. Mission Statement 4
IV. Industry & Market Analysis 5
V. Management Structrue 9
VI. Operations Plan 13
VII. Cash Flow 19
VIII. Exit Strategy 21
IX. Appendices 22

Company Description The business that I want to open would be a franchise of a McDonald’s restaurant. McDonald’s is a fast-food restaurant that serves a variety of products, but is mostly known for its
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Price Strategy Our prices will be consistent with other McDonald’s in the region that we are located in which is the Columbus, Ohio region. As a company it is our goal to not only beat our competitors with our lower prices but also with our great quality.
Since our area doesn’t already have a McDonald’s we should be able to keep our prices higher than usual but not high enough to make customers not want to do business with us. If any competition comes into the area this will obviously have be adjusted.
Distribution Our distribution will be from in-store as well as drive-thru service. The drive-thru service will account for around 70% of our business so a great deal of concentration needs to go into this area of the business.
As far as getting our products, McDonald’s has a full service distribution center that will allow us to receive our products via truck delivery twice a week.
Sales Strategy The sales strategy will be to completely take over the market in our area of the business which is fast food service, but we also plan to compete with other sit-down and fast casual restaurants with our new company image. Since our location will be brand new and state of the art we will have functioning televisions as well as free Wi-Fi internet access. We plan to gain customers who normally don’t eat McDonald’s with this kind of atmosphere as well as our new