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Prepared: 4/30/01
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Contact: Jesse Ward, Manager

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0.0 Table of Contents

0.0: Table of Contents

1.0: Executive Summary
2.0: Company Overview
Market Opportunity Explanation
Legal Form of the Business
Company Location
Growth and Financial Objectives
Manager Information
3.0: Market Analysis Summary Analysis of the Industry Target Market/Customer Profile
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Jesse Ward has, to date, invested $17,000 in the business from his own savings.
Growth and financial objectives In the beginning, WEP will be a small company, located in Jesse Ward's home, with event photography services only. After profits begin to be made, and expansion becomes possible, it will move to a storefront in a more accessible location and add retail services such as photo developing, camera sales, and an on-site portrait studio. As the customer base increases, more staff may also be necessary to take reservations, operate the store, and take pictures in Jesse Ward's absence or in addition to him as another of the business's photographers.

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Ward's Event Photography Business Plan

Manager Information WEP's manager, Jesse Ward, has a bachelor's degree in Business, as well as an associate's degree in photography. He's been a photographer for six years, and has worked for clients before, photographing weddings and taking baby pictures. He also has experience in behind-the-scenes wedding work, as he's worked with a caterer on many weddings. His experience, drive to provide quality service, and enthusiasm for his work make him an excellent photographer, and his business knowledge allows him to turn his picture-taking skill into a successful business.

JRW 4/30/01

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Ward's Event Photography Business Plan

Market Analysis