Business: Power Outage and Product Essay

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Harlod’s Hotdogs business performance on the day of Trade Fair was expected to be at a very high level as written in the plan. I feel like we had reached this level as expected even though we had a few difficulties. Because we had such disadvantages etc. power outages, me (Alanta) suffering a knee injury, also not being able to find a pie warmer to heat our food. This cause us to think on our feet, Harold’s Hotdogs came up with a solutions for every difficulty we came across.

Having the power outage effect the performance of Harlod’s Hotdogs a lot, as our product was made with power. Our solution was, having an extension cord we ran our plug out of the Hall into another room, which gave us power so that we could continue making our Hot Chips and Hot Dogs. This was the major difficulty we came across because this stopped us from producing our product and not being able to fulfil the demand of our customers. This lead to our business not making enough profit as we wanted to. In our marketing plan Jade and I to go out into the crowd and advertise our product verbal, promoting and grabbing customers’ attention. Because I had suffered a knee injury this gave us a disadvantage as I could not walk around. Our solution was to put me behind the counter with Cameron helping to make, package our product and serve the customers. Having no pie warmer was a terrible difficulty but we had a back-up plan if so, we used our back-up plan which was using an oven from one of the Cooking Rooms, this slowed down the arriving of our product as Jade and Danae had to go back and forth from the Hall to the room carrying the Hot Chips and HotDogs.

These disadvantages didn’t affect us from making our brake even point at $56.00 we made around about $82+ which gave us $18.50 each. We were happy with the level of sales we achieved we had 4 left over Hot Dogs and a few Hot Chips left. The demand for our product was definitely popular just like we predicted in the marketing we had done previous to the day. I think the product we selling so good because we had a good combo deal and the prices for our hotdogs and chips were affordable and covenant. Our combo was $4.00 for one cup of hot chips and one hotdog. A cup of hot chips was $2.00 and the hotdogs were $2.50 we based our pricing on the survey we did at the start of our planning. Most people we happy to be paying the max of $3.50 for hot dogs, so $2.50 for our hotdogs was a good price to settle at. With the hot chips most people we surveyed were happy in paying $3, but we brought it down a dollar, which satisfied the customer and also us as we weren’t losing profit. The combo worked for