Business Process In Supply Chain Management SCM Information Systems Essay

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Literature Review: annotated bibliography

Baltzan, Philips, D 2009, “ESSENTIALS OF Business Driven Information Systems”, e-book, The McGraw-Hill Companies Publisher, USA, available at

Topics: Business Process in Supply Chain Management (SCM) Information Systems

Author explain, Information technology’s major role in SCM is creating the integrations process between functions within a firm such as finance, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution, which allow, synchronized flow of both information and product between suppliers, customers and transportation providers through the supply chain.

In the other hand, Supply chain management (SCM), is a combination of processes, tools, strategies, methodologies and delivery options and solutions to helps companies to respond faster and more effectively to consumer demands in current global competitive market
Structural changes in today's economy, changed the relationship we have with our business partners, our customers, our suppliers, and our colleagues.

Development of Information Technology trends like; Applications(s), RFID, Web Services, Supply Chain Management Electronic Commerce, highlights the importance of IT increasing in global competition.

Supply Chain Management work-in-process of inventory, and finished goods from point-of-origin to point-of consumption (supply chain) , Supply Chain Management embrace the planning and management of all activities involved in sourcing, conversion , logistic procurement, , and management process. Although the most important part SCM conduct is also contain coordination and collaboration with involved partners, which can be included suppliers, third-party service providers, intermediaries, and customers.

Due to high technology growth rate the cost of information has been decreasing.
Literature shows that Information Technology (IT) plays a very vital role in managing the processes of SCM.

Planning and integrated demand and supply management (collaborative product development, integrated demand and supply management), Information integration (Inventory visibility, event monitoring, performance matrix), Business Process Integration (managed inventory, collaborative logistics, and commerce website) are the main streams of SCM stems.

In summary, using a single integrated SCM information system in company divisions, companies would benefit to save cost, maximise the efficiency.

Vella, HA 2012, “Using technology to improve supply chain management” using-technology-improve-supply-chain-management, viewed 10 Dec 2014,

Topics: Technologies & Devices in Supply Chain Management (SCM) Information Systems

Using reliable, efficient, flexible, adaptable gadgets, technology and devices in SCM is one of the most critical factors in Supply Chain Management systems,

Author has explained, in today’s world technology play a major role when it comes to keeping a company’s productive and on track.