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Joy Chang, Amber Mabus, Samantha Dietz, Austin Bender, Colton DeBellis
Group #3

Company Description
● LLC (Limited Liability Company)
● Founded in 2014

● Mission Statement: “We want to lead people into the unknown by giving them the ability to live inside of their dreams and imagination.”

Company Description continued

3 Business Goals; short term ○

We want to create a customer base and expand our target market Network/expose product, sell enough to make a profit and continue our business (Increase sales by 25%)
Complete orders at an efficient rate with little to no errors or recalls ●

2 Company Goals; long term ○ Become a multinational organization ○ Control the market for our product (Create a monopoly) Company Description continued

Limited Liability Company

Five (5) members

Twenty percent (20%) ownership per member

Total invested per member: One-hundred thousand

Company description continued
Start-Up Costs

Rent: $35,000
Inventory: $45,000
Legal fees/insurance/accounting & professional fees/ installation fees/ licenses & permits: $65,000
Equipment/ inventory/ vehicles/ raw materials $75,000
Marketing materials: $25,000
Marketing Campaign: $30,000
Training: $50,000
Reserves: $175,000

Company Description continued
Code of Ethics:

Employees with provide competent representation of our product to prospective clients
Employees will dedicate extra time to better their knowledge of product with technical/mechanical assistance
Employees will honor our honesty policy between themselves and with customers about our product/pricing/quality

Social Responsibility to our:


● Dream/Fantasy Simulator helmet
○ Helmet weight: 0.77 lbs
○ Adjustable cushioned strap
○ Interaction with visual aids
○ Microprocessor


Product Cont.
● Unique features:
○ Group Exploration

● Possible Disadvantages
● Future Products:
○ Dream/Fantasy amplifier

Product cont.
● Interact with virtual/visual aids
● Command activated
● Microprocessing Chip
○ Brain frequency
○ Interpretation of receptors

Product Elaboration
● J.A.S.A.C. Microprocessor Chip
○ Competitive Advantage
○ Brain sends out frequency signals (waves)
○ Chip, reads frequencies and interprets them
○ Takes interpretation and displays frequency
○ Creating visuals to display and interact with

Market Analysis
Demographic Variables:

Age- 4 years and above
Gender- Male and Female
Income- $50,000-70,000
Marital Status- Married and Single
Family Life Cycle Stage- Families and Singles
Ethnic Group- Any
Education- High School diploma and above

Market Analysis cont.
Geographic Variables:
● Population Statistics (Migration Patterns)Heavily Populated
● Residence Location- Urban
● Region- Northeast and Southwest U.S.
● Climate- Moderate
● Zip Code- 22190

Market Analysis con...
Psychographic Variables:
● Lifestyle (Social Class)- Upper and Middle
● VALS Survey Classification- Experiencers and
● Customer Attitudes- Positive, Willing to try new things ● Customer Values- Being creative
● Customer Influencers- Commercials, Media,
Advertising, Kiosks

Market Analysis
Behavioristic Variables:
● Product…