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Company Description
The business plan for the Sunshine Tutorial PVT. LTD. was founded on January 1st, 2013. The company is presently in its start-up stage. Sunshine Tutorials PVT. LTD. is located in Chicago, IL. They have eleven centers in Illinois State. The Company offers an Abacus program. This specialized course is proven to be a “brain development program.” The company wants to deliver quality education solutions to a large number of students across the globe. Sunshine Tutorials PVT. LTD is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company by Mrs. Poonam Raj Rana. They are here to provide the students with unparalleled opportunities to learn and grow in their respective fields through traditional and educational culture.
They provide an Abacus “whole brain development program” to students. This course is especially for kids from four to fifteen years of age. An individual of any age can learn the techniques but the whole brain development can be achieved when the brain is at its early absorbing ages, and that is why early learning provides a strong foundation. They have ten levels in this program. They provide books, the Abacus instrument and other study materials to students. Do you know 80% of the world's people use their left side of the brain more than their right side? Hence, the right side of the brain remains under-utilized and under-developed. The right brain controls "high-speed, memory, and imagination.” Their uniquely designed coursework will train the child's left and right brain simultaneously. When both sides of the brain are communicating and cooperating with each other, it facilitates WHOLE BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. This will result in improved speed, accuracy, memory, creativity, imagination, concentration, focus, and aids in building confidence which, thus, results in better overall performance. The program will help to create a strong foundation for students’ academic achievement and success.

Business Issue
There are number of issues which are growing as time goes by. Currently in the start-up stage, the Abacus Company has a small business with centers only in the Illinois State. The Company has many students and employees in all their centers. The Company maintains records of students’ and employees’ information as well as billing and payroll in a spreadsheet. The Abacus Company needs faster online communication with the help of IT. In the Abacus Company, they use encryption as a method to prevent unauthorized users from accessing confidential information. Today, encryption is a weak method because people are easily able to transform once secure information into a plaintext which is data that can be read by anyone. The company does not have any system for HR, payroll, and management, nor do they have a CRM system for increasing students and other services. The Company does not have an online learning system for teachers’ training and students’ online classes; however, the Company publishes their abacus books and manufactures the abacus instrument, but they do not have a specific system for inventory. There are no modern technologies used by the company which may help the current disorder which results from the improper management of the business. Also, the Company has time management and privacy issues.
Anticipated Benefits to the Organization:
The Abacus Company wants more centers and students in the United States; thus, they need marketing strategies for business expansion. The company would need a data base management system and a service which would be able to take all the information they have that involves our business, structure it into a well-organized manner, and take things one step further by helping us find a way to expand what they do in order to help as many people as possible. For managing HR, a management and payroll ERP system is very useful; furthermore, they need a CRM system for customers’ (students’) relationship with the company as well as they need a CRM