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Women online shopping center
Esther Fang

Description www. is an online women fashion retailer. Exmall is the abbreviation of exceptional mall. It aims at giving customers exceptional shopping experience and services. Exmall offers more than 200 product lines (ethnic product are our main focus) ,covering women clothes, handbags and accessories. We are aiming to bring the latest North America fashion trend to shoppers as soon as possible, We aspire to provide a proposition that fulfills their every want and need for fashion and beauty online. We provide label affordable North America local product, mainly focus on high street brands. More than 200 brands are involved in the shopping center, from Calvin Klein to H&M. We offer shipping between Canada and United States.

Target audience: It aims these primarily at a target audience of 16-35 year olds Canadian and American females, whose income higher than 2000 dollars per months. They are mainly middle class. Because women at this age range are usually more sensitive to their appearance .What’s more, they have more accesses to our promotion platform-- Internet.
1. I have spent many years on online shopping. I am familiar with the whole buying process. Fashion is every woman’s dream; women spend most of their money on apparel.
2. Although there are many large online shopping centers in America, which provide large quantities of products. But few offers shipping to Canada. If Canadians want to buy cheaper product, they have to drive long hour to United States. And compared with the America online shopping, the number or the brands offer in Canadian website are limited .Besides those products’ prices are much higher than the same product sale in American websites. So if a website offer cheap and fashioned product to Canadian and America product. It will definitely sales.
3. The development of technology brings us convenience and new access to promote our product in low expense. We can send our campaigns and updated News to customer E-Mail box. gathers information about its customers and what types of fashion they like from its website registrations.

Price range Clothes’ prices range is mainly from 30 dollars to 300dollars.the price of Evening garments are started from 150 dollars to 800 dollars. The price of Handbags is from 20 dollars to 1000 dollars(it depends on the brand。) Most of the accessories are below 100 dollars. However,in the outlet store,where we can get our product directly from factories, the price is usually 50 percents off compared with the same product sales in the market.

Challenges: 1. Because when customers buy product online, usually they are lack of the confidence on the quality of the product and they may question about the details of product. 2. Online shopping center is not a new business. There are so many competitors which have strong financial base and provide large quantity of products. It’s hard to stand out in the competition. 3. Canada‘s tariff is extraordinary high and the shipping fee is much higher than united sates. If the source of our apparel is not within the North