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1.0. Research Title for Proposal:
The topic which is chosen for research is “Future Sustainability of the Company in the Emerging Competitive Environment.”
2.0. Abstract:
This document is for the module business research methods. In this document a research proposal will be prepared on the topic of future sustainability of Samsung in the emerging competitive environment. In this research proposal firstly the introduction will be given for the context of future sustainability and emerging market of competition. The major aim and objectives along with the questions for research regarding the main subject will be described in this proposal. Furthermore the topics which of the main topic will be covered in the literature review which is regarding sustainability of Samsung and emerging competition in the market. The most important aspect to conduct a research is by means of methods of research. In this proposal there will be three approaches or methods will be used which are known as qualitative approach, quantitative approach and mixture of these both approaches called mixed approach.
3.0. Introduction:
Sustainability is factor which has many concepts and definitions. This factor of sustainability cannot be defined with only one definition. One common factor which is in all the definitions of the sustainability is regarding the management of living norms according to the defined limitations, information and understanding of the factors such as economics, social and ecological along with the equal opportunities. There are many different and effectual approaches in order to define the sustainability under different circumstances. There are four kinds of sustainability . The sustainability kind for this research proposal is concerned with the future sustainability of a company. The company for which sustainability will be evaluated is Samsung. Along with the sustainability for the future of Samsung one more aspect of study which will be covered as the part of the research is the emerging competition in the environment or market because as the world is impacted with the factor known as globalization the competition level have increased at an immense level and has become a very critical issue or problem for business in this era of technology and globalization. To conduct the research on this topic will help to give the view regarding the sustainability of Samsung because this company got higher numbers of products which are sold out but the revenue is low as compared to their rival Apple which can hurt their sustainability level and credibility in future environment which is supposed to be more competitive therefore with the help of this proposal actions can be taken in order to prevent such shenanigans .
4.0. Concept of RESEARCH:
The major thing before starting a research is to define the meaning and concept behind the word RESEARCH. RESEARCH is a mixture of two words RE and SEARCH. RE in this word stands for the actions to be taken again in rhythm procedure and SEARCH meaning in this word is to focus and take out the knowledge form the procedures. Thus, the meaning of RESEARCH which falls out is to extract the information with the help of actions of examining .
5.0. Aim and Objectives of Research:
5.1. Aim of Research:
The aim and purpose of this research is to evaluate the satiability or sustainability factor for Samsung for future aspect and the competitive market which is emerging day by day.
5.2. Objectives of Research:
The main objectives of this research proposal are under:
1. To analyse the threats for Samsung in order to maintain their sustainability in future with the increasing number of competitors in their respective field.
2. To figure out the appropriate steps in order to rectify the impediments in their path in near future.
6.0. Research Questions:
The research questions for regarding Samsung are as follows:
1. What are the current issues faced by Samsung to make