Business Questionnaire Essay

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Business Executive Questionnaire

Describe your organization and its relationship to the rest of the company.
What are your primary responsibilities?
What are the objectives of your organization? What are you trying to accomplish? What are your top priority business goals?
What are your success metrics? How do you know you’re doing well? How often do you measure key success factors?
What functions and departments within the organization are most crucial to ensuring that these key success factors are achieved? What role do they play? How do they work together to ensure success?
What are the key business issues you face today? What prevents you from meeting your business objectives? What’s the impact on the organization?
How do you identify problems/exceptions or know you’re headed for trouble?
What do you see as opportunities for additional profit that are not being addressed today?
Where do you stand compared to your competition in the use of information technology?
Are you able to respond quickly to market conditions and assure productivity of your staff?
What role does data analysis play in decisions that you and other managers make to run the business?
What key information is required to make or support the decisions you make in the process of achieving your goals and overcoming obstacles? How do you get this information today?
Is there other information which is not