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Job Description Paper

In today’s society unemployment rate is extremely high and most individuals are willing to apply for any type of job just to receive a paycheck. A job description is very important as to give clarification as to what an employer is looking for, saving the potential candidate and employers’ time if person is not qualified for the job at hand. A job description paper can also be viewed as an advertisement or job posting seeking specific individuals for a specific job position. It can also be used as a legal documentation should ever employment issue arises. The job description outlines the expected requirement of the employee. It outlines the Tasks, Tools and Technology, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities and Educational Requirements. A job description paper also goes hand-in-hand with various selection methods which are used to select, evaluate and narrow down candidates qualified or best suited for the position. A god job description that target and attract the right candidate will lead to a more successful hire and future success in the organization.

There are many selection method but the two that I would like to make mention of when recruiting candidate are Resume and Referrals/Background Check. Resumes provide an economical method for collecting initial information, identifying potential hires with the basic requirements such as job experience and educational background, as well as selecting applicants for further consideration. Although sometimes misleading, resumes provide applicants more freedom in expressing themselves and highlighting personal experiences that structured application forms may not permit (Youssef 2012). After receiving the Resume and decided that that candidate can be an asset to the organization, I would then check all references and conduct a background check on the potential candidate. This, of course will be done with the individual consent at to no violate any laws as well as that individual’s privacy.

Task tells the reader/candidate what would be expecting of them. For a particular job, the organization must first determine the Knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) required to perform the job's tasks and responsibilities (Youssef 2012). This is the main component of the advertisement being placed, it is also where specific detailed listing of the job’s/ position major duties and responsibilities is listed. In writing a good job description, the duties of the job is posted/ listed in detail of importance. Meaning the most important duties are listed first then everything else falls in sequence to those of little importance.

The Tools and Technology that would be use in preparing a job description paper is a computer with the web. Searching and viewing potential candidate on the web can give a general idea of a potential candidate experience through their resume. This will narrow down the number of requesting individuals on an interview whom are not qualified for the position. Many challenges that individuals and employers come across is, when they do interviews many candidates are not familiar with the technology being used in the organization, so it would be very essential to do detailed screening to ensure that that person can go through the training and maintain the technological skills that will be presented. It should also be ensured that current employees are up to date with all their training as to move towards a smooth transition in the succession of the company.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities, is needed to compete in organizational structure which leads to the succession of the company. An example of this is to compete in a global environment; firms need people with the appropriate international knowledge, skills and abilities (Prestwich 2007). In this section of the job description specification of KSAs will be given, that will be needed to begin the job. This will help candidates’ decide whether or