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|Walgreens 12373 |
|Employee Engagement Strategies |
|A Foundation for Fiscal Success |
| |
|Winston Ritchey |
|12/01/2012 |

|Strategies developed to improve employee engagement in Walgreens’ Retail Units in an effort to improve fiscal performance. |

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2

Introduction 3

Problem 3

Purpose and Scope 3

Assumptions 3

Limitations 4

Criteria 4

GROW The Team 5 GROW Process 5

GROW Results 6

Who’s In Charge 7

Big Rocks 7

Unique Accountability 7

Results 8

Balanced Community Training 8

History 8

Process 9

Results 10

Conclusions and Recommendations 10

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Executive Summary

Employee engagement is the greatest challenge facing retail store managers and their assistants in Walgreens comparable locations today. Gallup measures employee engagement on a 1-5 scale range from least engage to most engage respectively. The poll itself covers a broad array of interview questions meant to illustrate a panoramic view over overall employee engagement in each Walgreens location. The Q12 are the most important and relevant twelve interview questions and determines the overall employee engagement within the store. This score will be factored as 15% of the store manager’s potential bonus computation at the end of the evaluation period. It is time to take employee engagement seriously for a number of reasons. The first reason, of course, is that the higher the level of employee engagement, the higher the levels of production will be. Additionally, higher engagement means higher staff morale and lower turnover. “Engaged employees not only plan to stick around; they are enthused and in gear to impact your bottom line. During difficult times their energy and effort can help your organization survive, even thrive.” (Blessing White, 2012) This serves the stakeholders in a number of ways, including increased profits, reduced costs, and more favorable public perception. It is each manager’s responsibility to improve employee engagement the challenge that faces managers today is how exactly to improve engagement. This report will propose three strategies that can be used independently or in concert to effect positively employee engagement in each store, increase production, reduce turnover and the associated costs and increase staff morale.



Employee Engagement is a critical component of fiscal success. The foundation of any operation is its people. How engaged a person is determines, in most cases, their performance, production and morale. “Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals. This emotional commitment means engaged employees actually care about their work and their company. They don’t work just for a paycheck,