Business Report On The Mayor Of London And The Greater London Authority

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Business Report on the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority
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Business Report on the
Mayor of London and the
Greater London Authority



Business Report on the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority
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This report aims to discuss the policies that pertain to the environment as outlined by the Mayor of
London and the Greater London Authority (GLA) and how these have been implemented, or the lack thereof, in light of other priorities that the said office has had of recent. The discussion shall examine both the proposals and the progress of the environment policies to date among others and shall seek to analyse and evaluate both the methodologies and the acceptance by Londoners of these plans as set by the current Mayor, Mr Boris Johnson making use of publications that relate to the said policies
To initiate this discussion, a brief look at what both the GLA and Mayor of London are, their powers and responsibilities as outlined by the legislation, mainly the Greater London Authority Act of 1999 and the Greater London Authority Act of 2007.
Greater London Authority
The Greater London Authority is a body that oversees the governing of about 610 square miles of Greater London and this body is made up of an elected mayor and an additional twenty-five members who are also voted into office. It incorporates the other major players in the capital’s development and maintenance and these are namely:Transport for London (TfL) whose activities involves the management of transportation system to include rail and roads and congestion
London Development Agency (LDA). Up until 31 March 2012, when it was integrated to the

main body of the GLA, it existed as a particular arm of the GLA and focused on bringing and sustaining economic growth for the city and its 32 boroughs
● London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) which by definition manages and maintain fire safety
● Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime, formerly known as the Metropolitan Police Authority
(MPA) till January 2012, provides policing via the Metropolitan Police Service.

The 25 members known as the London Assembly are responsible of holding the Mayor to account and they can approve or alter the plans and policies in terms of the budget that Mr Boris Johnson’s office may propose. They also look into issues of importance to the London populace and can in effect publish their findings as well as make recommendations to the Mayor.
Mayor of London’s Powers and Responsibilities
As indicated above, the Mayor is voted into the executive office on a four year term and is responsible for the plans policies and budget with the aim of improving the Greater London.
The office can appoint members of the four main instruments of the Greater London Authority mentioned above and incumbent, Mr Boris Johnson holds a number of positions in different organisations that work closely with the GLA. “The Mayor has specific powers and duties and a general responsibility to promote economic, social and environmental improvement in London”
( 2012)
The Mayor is responsible for the planning and development of the policies that will ensure that the services required by the Londoners are delivered effectively and equitably. Mr Johnson’s policies are to cover key issues like transport, housing, environmental and climate concerns and economical

Business Report on the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority
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One of the key responsibilities of the Mayor is the budget. He/she has an obligation to set out spending on a yearly basis in order to implement the plans and policies and distribution of resources to the four main participants of the Greater London Authority.
The Environmental Policies
Among other important policies, the environment has been a major focus for both former Mayor
Ken Livingstone