Business: Reproductive System and Manufacture Estrogen Essay

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•Vinclozolinis a fungicide used in the fruit industry. Vinclozolin blocks cell receptors that are normally activated by the hormone androgen which is responsible for male characteristics and the development and function of male sexual organs.
•Methoxychlor or MCX is a common pesticide used to kill flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other insects and is applied directly to crops, livestock, home gardens, and pets. It was designed as a safer alternative to the now banned DDT. MCX alters a gene in the female reproductive tract and reduces the ability of the uterus to support embryo implantation.
•Estrogen mimics wreak havoc on the human reproductive system. All humans, male and female included, manufacture estrogen. Cells within their bodies contain receptor sites for this estrogen. Estrogen mimics are close enough in structure to trick the body. These mimics are then able to attach to these receptor cells as if they were real estrogen. At best the estrogen mimics may simply block true estrogen from doing its job or they can totally redirect cellular behavior. In females these estrogen mimics can contribute to or cause endometriosis which is a leading factor in infertility. The mimics can cause males to develop without testes, with undescended testes or with abnormally small penises. Estrogen mimics can also contribute to testicular cancer and poor semen quality. Estrogen mimics are also found in paints, toiletries, pesticides, spermicides, & as a breakdown product of the plastics used in some water bottles and baby bottles.
•Xenoestrogens are found in most commercial meat and dairy products as well as soft plastic food storage containers and plastic wrap (particularly after…