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Business Research Method

The Research Proposal

The Factors of Wine Purchasing Decision by Consumers in Zhuhai: Evidence from Main Malls in Zhuhai during October to November 2010

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Business Research Method – FIN-3


1. Title 2
2. Introduction 2 2.1 Statement of problem (0831200082, 曾靖茹) 2 2.2 Literature review 3 2.2.1 Purchasing Decision of Wine (0831400099, 赵婷) 3 2.2.2 Purchasing Decision of Wine and Brand (0831400099, 赵婷) 4 2.2.3 Purchasing Decision of Wine and the Price Tolerance ( 0831400027, 李京) 6 2.2.4 Purchasing Decision and Quality of Wine(0831200082,曾靖茹) 9 2.2.5 Purchasing decision of wine and package (0831000032,吴燕妮) 10 2.3 Objective of the Study (0831000032,吴燕妮) 13
3. Research Model and Hypotheses 15 3.1 Research Model (0831400027, 李京) 15 3.2 Variables Definition 16 3.3Hypotheses Development……...……….……………………………………17
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1. Title The Factors of Wine Purchasing Decision by Consumers in Zhuhai: Evidence from Main Malls in Zhuhai during October to November 2010

2. Introduction

2.1 Statement of problem (0831200082, 曾靖茹)

Wine is a symbol of hedonism. Wine consumption has gained significant increasing in recent years in China market due to the developing economy and shifts in consumption patterns. In China, over the past several years, wine consumption has increased by doubled per capita per wine. Thus, Chinese people spend more money on wine consumption. However, what are the determinations of buying behavior of Chinese wine customers? How do they affect customers’ choices? In this regard, we need to understand the how consumers choosing wine. For there are many objective and subjective factors of wine purchasing behavior, such as advertising, brand names, discounts, price, tasting, quality, packaging and vintage of wine, we only research some of them. As the limitation of data and literature, we have to use survey as our data collection method. In this paper, we argue that misleading findings may be caused by independent approach, as multifarious relationships exist between different purchase intention factors of customers. For instance, does wine quality influence a wine customer purchase intention, or indirectly through different country of origin of wine? We are going to examine inter-factor relationships to answer such question. Those relationships can help to gain a better understanding, if not necessary, and to increase our understanding of Chinese wine customers’ purchasing intentions. Consequently, the aims of our research is to interpret the direct relationships between potential changing wine purchase decision drivers and final wine buying behaviors by analyzing inter-driver relationships. Specifically, we identify direct and indirect effects between affecting wine purchasing intention factors and wine purchasing decision by hypothesizing testing interrelationships among various determinants of wine purchasing decision. Another contribution of our paper is to improve the sales of wine in China by understanding the factors of wine purchasing decision.

2.2 Literature review

2.2.1 Purchasing Decision of Wine (0831400099, 赵婷)

At present, wine consumption is important for the socio-cultural development, and also for the desire of improving the quality of one's life. Although the number of significant wine-consuming nations has been declined, wine consumption is still increasing in many other countries, especially in East Asia such as China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan (Dewald, 2003). In China, the rapidly growing economy with the increased personal income gives Chinese consumers the opportunities to move up market. Lin (2003)