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Business Research Apple Inc. Project V

Business Research Apple Inc. Project IV

Apple Inc. is number one when it comes to technology; however, maintaining that spot has been no easy feat. Other organizations are competing hard to give Apple Inc. a run for its money. Conducting several analyses and collecting data may help conclude our finding on innovation of Apple, Inc. and what keeps their customers coming back? The team has several steps to complete to make the statistical analysis a success. The process consists of a specific age group, the sampling, type of process, and the questions used on the survey or interview to complete.
Individuals replying to online, mailed, or telephone questionnaire want to be honest. They want to provide helpful information. The questionnaire is designed to minimize the possibility for errors, or setbacks, regardless of the method of survey research used. Secondly, research shows that more people will respond to the questionnaire (even if it is lengthy) if the layout is clean and uncluttered. However, in today’s fast paced society, many people are eager to give their opinion to a product or services provided by a company. People love to praise or complain. It simply depends on the person. And if given the opportunity, most would love to offer his or her feedback. Thirdly, the team must recognize that there are many opportunities for things to go wrong when conducting survey research. There are things one can and must do to minimize those errors as they design and develop means.
Minimizing research Challenges
Creating and developing a questionnaire and/or survey is never easy. One has to figure out what information is deemed important. One also has to consider will consumers or the public actually take the time to complete the questionnaire/survey. Keeping the questions short, simple, and to the point have proven to be the best method. People tend to become bored or overwhelmed with too many words and they will typically lose interest. The language should be written in a way that is easily understood and easily defined. The role of a questionnaire is simply to provide feedback to corporations and organizations. It assists them in providing better products or services.
Data Collection Process
The researcher’s investigative questions determine the appropriate data collection approach, which is used to gather the primary data for research. The two types of approaches available for use in gathering primary data are observation, or communication. When using the communication approach research we learn about opinions and attitudes. The Observation approach involves the full range of monitoring behavioral and non-behavioral activities and conditions. Team D will use the observation approach to collect the primary data for our research level (McClave, Benson, & Sincich, 2011).
Sampling Process The sampling process chosen was observation approach; the administering of the survey is given to current apple customers. Team D sent the survey to them by way of e-mail, once e-mails are returned the team will proceed with collecting data and running analysis on surveys.
Data Analysis Charts and Graphs
Qualifying criteria:
1. The participant owns an Apple product.
2. The Participant