Business Research And Guidance Notes

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Guidance Note
Please take note of the following when completing TASK 1.
Please ensure the following when you are completing your tasks:
- conduct research and use the powerpoint presentation on Moodle for information and links to resource
- read the guidance notes in this document for each task
- use correct layout for your details and include page numbers (see footer below)
- BE CAREFUL with your grammar, spelling and sentence structure (don’t be afraid to use FULL STOPS)
- remember to avoid using informal words, phrases and sentences that are generally used in conversations – this is a formal business written task- reference your sources using footnotes
- include a bibliography
- include a cover page (see next page)
- PROOF READ PLEASE (this requires that you read over your work to spot any mistakes)
Key dates
Monday 3rd Nov: Lowers 1 @ 8.50 lesson
Tuesday 4th Nov: Lowers 2 @ 10.40 lesson
Monday 3rd Nov – Lowers 1 @ 5pm
Tuesday 4th Nov – Lowers 2 @ 5pm
Sample Cover Page
Unit 4
Business Communications

Task 1 Name:
1a – Guidance
(a) Using the table format in your Sainsbury’s Support Pack and fill in the necessary information – please refer to homework tasks. * SAMPLE USING TESCO *
Types of Information
Explanation of Information
Example and Outline of Methods of Communication (include electronic & non-electronic methods as appropriate) Source of Information (to include internal & external sources) Purpose of Information
(remember to note any special requirements)
Web-based Web-based information is information on the web. It uses a good deal of multi-media technology. Technology is increasing more and more and businesses like Tesco need to adapt and ensure they use this type of information to their advantage. Tesco can use a variety of ways to communicate through web-based information e.g. website, social media, youtube, intranet Website - electronic
A website is a set of related web pages that is accessed through the internet. Tesco’s website contains a great deal of information on their services, products, opening times.
There is no non-electronic method.
The information on the webpage comes from both internal and external sources.
Internal is information gathered from inside Tesco e.g. marketing department – opening hours, deals of the week. External information could be any data or statistics on Tesco’s percentage of the market share within the sector. Web-based information is available to anybody once you have access to the internet. The information can be read or watched whenever is convenient. Websites use cookies to record a users data so they don’t have to re-enter information every time they visit the site. Tesco can use their website for to manage their relationships with their customers. Tesco can any update information quickly, make discounts available online, promote sales or new products and offer online shopping. Also Tesco can have intranet for their staff to keep staff updated on any new policies or products in store.
Potential customers
- must have access to computer or a smart phone to view the information
- majority of people nowadays young and old use the internet
- quick access to information and can read it in their own time
1b - Guidance
(b) Using the table format in your Sainsbury’s Support Pack and fill in the necessary information – please refer to homework tasks.
Outline the electronic and non-electronic methods Sainsbury’s use to communicate their business information and the relevant audience
* List as many methods as possible that Sainsbury’s use.
Electronic Methods of Communication
Method Audience Requirement of the information
Email – a written form of communicating which is sent over a computer network Staff The store manager or managers in head office will use this method