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Business Research Ethics
Jane Wilson RES/351
May 14, 2015
Alan Preizer
Business Research Ethics In Today’s medical industry, medical physicians face many decisions that required strong ethical standards to uphold. In addition, coaches teach athletes how to make their bodies stronger by eating the proper nutrition. However, the side effect of teaching the athletes to take care of their bodies and becoming stronger is it leads to more frequently injuries. In addition, up to four million student athletes in America suffer concussions yearly (Shute, 2014). Nevertheless, the side effect of the concussion is the athletes, or their parents are not following the medical physician advice. In fact, parents are talking the physician into making unethical decisions and writing a release order for the athletes to return to the game before the concussion heals. The parent’s determination is due to the possibilities of hurting an opportunity of an athletic scholarship. Meanwhile, understanding the unethical decisions, side effects of a severe concussion, side effects of negative opinions, and monitor the concussion will provide a quality of life and save lives. Meanwhile, an unethical decision made during this critical time for the athlete can be life changing or life threatening. Nevertheless, healing is hard to detect and if the healing is not complete, getting another hit can damage the brain and cause injuries to a point of long-term problems. In fact, the side effect of a concussion is loss of brain function. Although temporary, a concussion can disturb normal sleep, induce vomiting, headaches, nausea, moodiness, and emotional problems (Nordqvist, 2013). In addition, physicians have carried out test on patients with concussions and found the effects can linger for years after a concussion happened (Nordqvist, 2013). Finally, as athletes get older, the side effects of a concussion can lead to a condition similar to Parkinson’s disease (Nordqvist, 2013). Therefore, making an unethical decision made by medical physicians can lead to lifelong health conditions. Nevertheless, a concussion if not addressed can have lasting effects on a business organization (Anderson, 2015). For example, the National Football League (NFL) players union and the Major League Soccer (MLS) players hammered out a new bargaining agreement. In fact, in MLS rules previously stated that there could only be three substitutions per game including an injured player, with no exceptions (Anderson, 2015). In addition, having this rule provides a strategy for the game (Anderson, 2015). Nevertheless, this rule applies pressure to the medical staff to turn their head on an injured player because acknowledging an injury will change the outcome of the game (Anderson, 2015). In 2012, Dr. Ruben Echemendia mentioned that the rule affected his judgment or hindered the medical physicians from using medical judgment and having to make unethical decisions. According to Dr. Ruben “What’s different are the rules as in soccer, we have rules about substitution that make it difficult to do the kinds of evaluations that we would do in the NFL or even in the NFL,”(2015). Meanwhile, the issue is that MLS is not taking care of their main assets, which are the players. Without the players, there would be no MLS. In addition, In August of two thousand and thirteen, the NFL accepted an agreement to a seven hundred and sixty-five million dollar settlement to ex-players due to head injuries. In fact, the NFL denied any wrongdoing for years. Meanwhile, the NFL turned their head on taking an ethical approach to player's safety. Therefore, the unethical decision can cause a negative perception and negative monetary value to the medical staff and professional teams.…