Business Research Process Essay

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Business Research Process
September, 2012
Business Research Process
Business research is conducted at almost any business there is. The purpose of this is to collect the necessary information to run a business successfully. At times if the wrong data is collected then there could be damage. With a research process there are several steps that are involved to help with making decisions whether it is a positive or negative outcome. Identifying the problem depending on what the particular business wants to know or develop, data collection, analysis, alternatives, and decision making are some of the steps to utilize in a process. The Navy is always trying to be innovated and staying current with business even though it is a government unlike any other businesses.
Being in the Navy for 20 years this organization has evolved many ways. My job was a Culinary Specialist. We were taught how to study and cook with just military personnel. As time went on later in years the Navy started doing research to do quality of life for the sailors at sea and shore. Learning from outside sources was a new way to teach our sailors how to cook and still have quality food for the crew. The Navy decided after some long years to do away with our standard studying books and convert to culinary school books to learn from. This was a good idea however the downside to this that cooks were not able to perform some of the dishes specifically there was no room or proper equipment on ships. Another problem that was encountered for sailor’s onboard ships the Navy made cooking so called easier by converting over to boil in bag products.