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Business Research
University of Phoenix
Business Research, RES/351
November 9, 2014
Melinda Hess

Business Research For this week’s assignment I was to find at least two business research peer-reviewed articles in the University Library and write a paper in which I identified the critical first stage of developing any research study. The research process itself has many steps, however before any of the steps are reached one must first decide on the aim or intent of the research. One must clarify the valuable research question “what are you aiming for” in the research being conducted. Throughout this process the main question will progressively develop in to more specific goal oriented questions. Throughout this assignment I will discuss the purpose of the articles found in records management journal and digital records management researches. I will determine the research question and hypothesis being researched in each article and I will attempt to identify the dependent and independent variables in each of these articles. The first article to be discussed is the “Records Management Journal”. In this journal the author sent out a questionnaire to several records management companies. The questionnaires were filled out by the individuals in charge of the company’s quality management program. The questionnaire contained both open-ended and closed questions. The main purpose of this research was to find out the quality of records management companies and what motivated these companies to obtain their certification.
The second article to be discussed is from research performed in Canada. This research, unlike the previous article focused on digital records management. The International Research on Permanent Authentic Records in Electronic Systems or InterPARES has sixteen research teams aimed at building solutions for continuing accessibility of digital records in a variety of organizations not only records management. Digital records are a major part of our society’s information production as they all participate in all kinds of human activities and interactions. The main research question is the question that is needed to give research an aim or direction, it later develops and is broken down into more specific goal oriented questions. An example of this can be found in the first article. The main questions were; what types of certifications do records Management Company’s have and what is the overall quality of the records management keeping. From there the question was broken down into more specific ones. Which factors needed correction or improvement in order to obtain their certification, which factors went wrong and needed correction or attention during regular inspections and prior audits, which were the motivators for the organizations to obtain these certifications and whether the economic difficulties in these country where one of these, etc. In the second research article the main question was accessibility of the original document being made into a digital format. The team completed fourteen studies proposed and tested by these organizations. As mentioned previously digital record keeping is not only for companies in the records management business, everyone is using it in this technological era. All proposals aimed at developing policies, procedures, and tools need for assessing the accessibility of digital records. Each of the research questions contain a