Essay on Business Research Week 1

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Write a 300-word summary of the business research process by describing the business research process from your experience in the workplace or in an article you find through the University Library.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.
2.1 State the purpose of the business research.
2.2 Develop appropriate research questions and hypotheses.
2.3 Identify dependent and independent variables in business research.

Introduction In this paper I will discuss the business research process based on Hospital in West Roxbury, MA. Although I still consider myself new to the medical field, I find it rewarding to give medical treatment to veterans such as myself. I briefly will summarize the specific business
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From that day on the Nation's veterans assistance program was expanded to include benefits and pensions not only for veterans but also their widows and dependents ( Over the years thousand of major hospitals and smaller clinics have since been established to help care for veterans.

What is business research? Basically business research is the method a company makes to decide the most efficient, productive, and ethical way to make money and generate repeat customers. Business research is also a field of practical study in which a company obtains data and analyzes it to manage better the company (Miranda, n.d.).When starting any type of business research needs to be done to identify its competition. The Veteran Affairs Hospital created a vision to provide health care to veterans who have served and protected our country. Since the first domiciliary and medical facility for veterans was authorized they have provided excellent medical service. The VA Hospital wanted veterans who served in the military to come home and still be able to receive quality medical care. They also wanted this type of care to available in every state over the world, to make it convenient for veterans to reach.

The VA’s business research was researched. Within almost every state there is a major hospital and where there is not, or where veterans cannot receive the need care there has been a VA