Essay on Business Reveiew Chapter 1

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1.Why is it importan that Canada produce value added products
To make profit
More attractive to customers
More value added to products

2. What is Canada’s Historical trade connections with
Europe-In terms of the history of Canadian Trade, the European Connection began in 1497 (with the help of an Italian, of course, named Giovanni Cabotto. Cabotto was looking for spices and believed that he had found a new route to the Orient. Unfortunately, he didn't find spices - he found fish. This began an influx of trading - Europeans and Aboriginals for various goods, including furs.
Early Trade between Canada and Europe
From Europe to Canada
From Canada to Europe stylish clothing fish household furniture fur manufactured food metals precision tools wood wheat

United States
We became a supplier of raw materials notably wheat and timber.
Now we supply oil and water
The US is our largest trading partner
Became a manufacturing centre as a result relied o our nation

High quality low priced goods
Popular after ww2

3. What is the difference between foreign direct investment and portfolio investment?
Foreign direct investment is investment in a company that is located in a different country than the investor to control some or all of the business’s operation.
Portfolio investment the purchase of stocks =, bonds, and other financia instruments issued by Canadian firms by foreigners, which does not result in foreign management or control 4.Decribe briefly the changes that have taken place within the past few decades that have increased the pace of globalization dramatically?

5. List 5 ways for a business to be considered an international business.
Own a retail or distribution outlet in another country
Own a manufacturing plan in another country
Export to businesses in other countries
Import from businesses to other countries
Invest in business in another country

6. Which