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Some of the greatest entrepreneurs and most well known business people of our time started with just a simple idea in mind, and with these ideas came many challenges. Bill Gates, Mark Zukerberg, Marc Cuban are all millionaires who all had an idea, and decided to take a leap of faith and create a business that is well known today. In this paper I will present WITRON Integrated Logistic who did just that, by taking one idea and assuming all the risks to get to be a globally known company. Walter Winkler is a visionary who created an automated system for warehouses, and turned it into a highly profitable enterprise. Walter started in 1971 with planning, production and assembly. In 1976 the 1st application for a complete machine was implanted in the Netherlands. He wanted to help businesses and the community in bringing in the revenue. The company started out as an industrial control systems company and began implanting machine controls for corrugators worldwide in the 1980’s. Specializing into a logistics market was decisive in plotting WITRON’s future course. With the OPM (Order Picking Machine) and COM (Case Order Machine) the clients can automatically pick large quantities of goods in next to no time, doing so 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Developing a system so costly meant hours of labor in research in finding the right fit. The automation system works by picking and packing products that a customer needs and wants for its store. WITRON developed the product to do that by cutting out the middle man in doing the picking. The concept was the turnover in which the demand goods get to the consumers (us). Numerous market-leading companies within Europe and North America have been using this successful and highly efficient WITRON system in their distribution centers. This ensures high quality, high system availability, reducing wear, low maintenance costs, and professional spare pares management. Having also developed a system that was installed in a well known company in the US, helped make WITRON a much better known company. The loss it faces today with revenue is that customers must sign contracts, preventing them from working with other well known companies that can be involved in a contract. Not being able to grow in such supply chain market, keeps WITRON from growing in a much needed market. Since WITRON is privately owned, having the revenue to keep building such well built machines requires the dedication and commitment from the employees as well as the customer. As a consumer, wanting products at a cheap price requires companies to find a solution to making the profit. WITRON found the way by implanting a system that will cut the cost of labor and productivity which gives