Business Segments Of Saul Center

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Saul Centers Inc November 16, 2012

Saul Centers Inc(NYSE:BFS)
Saul Centers, Inc. (Saul Centers) operates as a real estate investment trust (a REIT).
Business Segments of Saul Centers Inc: According to SFAS No. 131 formed in September 1997 the companies are required a disclosure about Segments of an Enterprise and Related Information. It established standards for the public business enterprises to make their reports about operating segments in annual financial statements and also required these enterprises to report selected information about operating segments in interim financial reports issued to shareholders.
There are two business segments • Shopping Centers • Office Properties The company calculates accounting policies of each segment by evaluating performance from income statement from real estate for the combined properties in each segment performance (Annual report). On December 31, 2011, company holds 51 shopping center properties, seven mixed use properties comprises of office, retail and multi-family residential uses and also contain two developmental properties. The form 10-K contains an item 8 that determines Consolidated Financial Statements of Shopping Centers and Mixed-Use Properties.

Similar types of revenues and expenses are generated by all properties of each segment like, tenant rent, reimbursements and operating expenses. Tenants are provided with similar range of services in each segment and properties in each portfolio also share similar economic characteristics. It also provides similar products and services to tenants and method to distribute these services is also common in the portfolios.

Noncontrolling Interest

On December 31, 2011, Saul Centers holds 73.6% common interest in the Operating partnership as a general partner. The limited partnership units owned by The Saul Organization are called its Noncontrolling interest in the Operating Partnership. Noncontrolling interest appears in the consolidated balance sheets and is increased for earnings allocated to