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Blue Lantern Corps

Official Name
Blue Lantern Corps

Organization Identity
New Earth[->2]
Base Of Operations

Organization Leader(s)
Ganthet[->4] and Sayd[->5]
Current Members
Saint Walker[->6], Brother Warth[->7], Brother Hymn[->8], Sister Sercy[->9]
Former Members
Flash (Barry Allen)[->10], Kyle Rayner[->11]
Hal Jordan[->12]
Red Lantern Corps[->13], Orange Lantern Corps[->14]
Created to bring hope to the future in the light of so much destruction, when good faces overwhelming odds.
Place of Formation
Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis
First appearance
Green Lantern (Volume 4) #25[->16]
(January, 2008[->17])
[->18][->19]In fearful day, in raging night, with strong hearts full, our souls ignite! When all seems lost in the War of Light, look to the stars, for hope burns bright! [->20][->21]
-- Blue Lantern Corps oath
At the end of the war[->22] with the Sinestro Corps[->23] and after being exiled from the Guardians of the Universe[->24] for their individuality, Ganthet[->25] and Sayd[->26] started the Blue Lantern Corps by creating a Blue Power Ring[->27] out of their hope for the future. The Blue Lantern Power Rings are powered by the emotion of Hope. While an entirely separate corps they are meant to aid other benevolent wielders of the emotional spectrum rather then replace them.
After the Red Lantern Corps' ambush of Sinestro's prison transport back to Korugar for execution, Hal Jordan and several other Lanterns were infected by the rage and hatred of the Red Lanterns' pure anger. Saint Bro'Dee Walker then appeared and, using his Blue Power Ring, he purged Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lanterns from the poisoning, corrupting and controlling influence of the red rings. The Blue Lantern was able to remove the rage from the Green Lanterns with their blue rings. Their constructs are unique in that they are based on the psychosis of the Lantern they are trying to heal. In the case of John Stewart, his deceased wife Katma Tui appeared to him. Walker was able to cleanse them both spiritually, mentally, and physically.
Hal Jordan then journeys with Saint Walker to Odym, home of the Blue Lantern Corps, where he meets the leaders of the Blue Lantern Corps, Ganthet and Sayd. While passing by the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery Walker, warns Jordan not to get too close. The power of the Blue Lantern can supplement a Green Lantern ring above its maximum power level, but prolonged contact with the Central Blue Battery will cause a Green Lantern Power Ring to overload and explode taking, out the Lantern's hand and most of the Lantern with it.
Jordan and Walker then observe the initiation of the being known as Warth of Space Sector 0002; Warth then accepts Ganthet and Sayd's offer to join the Blue Lantern Corps. Jordan had a brief discussion with Ganthet and Sayd about the Blue Lantern Corps and joining their cause. Afterwards Walker, Warth, and Jordan journeyed to an unknown planet that was on the verge of being destroyed by a dying star that had yet to explode. While Jordan began efforts to evacuate the planet; Walker and Warth being channeling the hope of the millions of people on the planet's surface. With the combined hope of an entire planet they were able to reverse the age of the dying star and turn it into a new star that wouldn't burn out again for another billion years. Walker and Warth then explain to Jordan that their Blue Rings do not need to be recharged and that as long as there are beings that believe in the power of hope they will never lose their power. Walker then reveals that it is Hal Jordan's destiny to join the Blue Lantern Corps and become their leader and that Sinestro plays a larger part in the war to come then he realizes and that the fate of the universe rests on the survival of Sinestro.
Walker, Warth, and Jordan then travel to Ysmault to